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Ohio is a crossroads state, being located between the east and the Midwest, and having the ports of the Great Lakes as well as major highway access to the Appalachian Mountains and foothills to the south. Ohio has diverse topography and is geographically advantageous for commerce, which is among the reasons why so many people have chosen the Buckeye state to make their homes. Ohio RV parks and campgrounds are among the most popular for folks travelling from one geographic region of the United States to another, but there are plenty of high quality and well-regarded RV resorts in Ohio, each offering something different for visitors.

Southern Ohio RV parks and campgrounds tend to cluster along the Ohio River and the state border with Kentucky. Small towns dot either side of this major water route, which itself has lots to offer paddling enthusiasts. Shawnee State Park, the Edge of Appalachia Nature Preserve, and the Fort Hill Earthworks and Nature Preserve are just south of Columbus and Chillicothe, and represent two excellent venues for getting outdoors and exploring the wilds of Ohio.

To the east are the Wayne National Forest, and west of there is Strouds Run State Park. Nestled in the Appalachian foothills, these destinations are perfect for RV enthusiasts, and some of the best RV sites in Ohio can be found in this southern half of the state. Here, where the mountains begin to rise from the plains and the forests begin to thicken, this land is perfect for making camp.

The RV parks in Southwestern Ohio tend to cluster around the major metros in the area, like Springfield, Dayton, and Cincinnati. Popular destinations for camping include Rocky Fork State Park, Pike Lake State Park, Paint Creek State Park, and the Fort Hill Earthworks and Nature Preserve, all of which are within several miles of each other. Be sure to check out the Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area, Fallsville Wildlife Area, and Highlands Nature Sanctuary.

As you motor north towards Columbus, the opportunities for outdoor recreation spread out a bit, but become no less enchanting. Visit Bryan State Park, Deer Creek State Park, Buck Creek State Park, or Delaware State Park, all of which are an easy drive from the Columbus metro area, and are perfect for day and weekend excursions to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. To the east of the Columbus, Ohio metro area and its RV parks and campgrounds are popular destinations like the Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve, Woodbury Wildlife Area, and Dillon Wildlife Area. Motor north and you’re at Mohican-Memorial State Forest and Mohican State Park, both extremely popular summer camping destinations. For a bit of perspective on the area’s history, be sure to find your way to Malabar Farm State Park, where a working farm has gardens, a restaurant, and offers tours daily.

The most popular nature destinations for campers in Northern Ohio include Punderson State Park, Wingfoot Lake State Park, Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park, and Headlands Beach State Park. Just south of Cleveland and Akron are Wingfoot Lake State Park and Portage Lakes State Park, both excellent options for folks who do not want to venture too far from the major metros of Ohio.

Updated November 11, 2016.

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