Accept reservations on your campground or RV park listing for free

As a campground or RV park owner, you can register for free to receive reservations from campers.

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How it works

As a campground owner, your park probably already has a free directory listing on our site. By completing a few easy steps, you can enable your listing to start getting reservation requests from our users for free. Get more business with 3 easy steps.

Fill out the simple form to get started
Update your rates and information
Users will have the ability to easily request a reservation from the listing page. You'll receive these reservationrequests by email to accept or reject, and then be issued payment.

The camper pays a small fee for this service so it's always free for campgrounds!

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Benefits of the RoverPass Marketplace

Take some simple steps to enable reservation requests on your free listing and make it easier for RoverPass users to book with you.

Free for campgrounds
Access to reservations from RoverPass users searching for parks in your area
No discounts, fees or gimmicks
Provide campers with the convenience of booking online
Get more reservations by accessing our users and site traffic
Easily accept or reject requests by email
Access to the RoverPass customer service team
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Receive free reservation requests

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