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“[RoverPass] immediately gave us more freedom. Now, we could take reservations over the phone OR online. This cut down on time spent on the phone and enabled more time to go towards guest experiences. Interestingly enough, reservations also went up!”
Steve & Shelly Schmidt
Cross Creek Campground & RV Park

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15,000+ Campgrounds Across the Country and Over 30 Million Annual Visitors

Cross Creek Campground & RV Park

Before RoverPass, Cross Creek was bombarded with phone calls, missed booking opportunities, had difficulty keeping track of information, and experienced limited time to provide the exceptional customer service they’re known for.

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When you sign up with RoverPass you get more than a free listing. We have a network of partners that we can share your listing with and book your empty sites!
Campers can Request a Reservation at your campground once you set up your Instant Book button. You’ll receive a notification of either a confirmed booking or reservation request that you can choose to either accept or reject.

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As the largest database of bookable campgrounds, you will increase your reach, visibility, traffic, bookings, & revenue by joining the RoverPass Marketplace.
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Need a complete suite of campground management tools? RoverPass offers robust solutions for improving your campground’s reach, visibility, traffic, bookings, and revenue.
Online General Store
Process all sales in one place
Central Reservation System
The easiest way to accept reservations
Reservation Request Platform
Accept reservations on your terms
Included With Marketplace
Included With Marketplace
Website Building
Get a user-friendly website designed to drive bookings
RoverPass Capital
Receive funding and Invest in your property
Manage all your listings in one place

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