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Located in one of the thickest regions of the Appalachian Mountain range between Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky, the RV parks of West Virginia include some of the most scenic and remote camping destinations in the contiguous United States. Many argue that West Virginia is as far north as the South extends, even though the northernmost region of the state is only a couple hours from the Great Lakes region and the state of New York. Culturally, West Virginia is to many observers a land rooted in tradition, religion, and proud heritage. The RV sites in West Virginia, however, run the gamut from fancy pants to dirt lot, and the biodiversity of the environment has enchanted visitors for thousands of years.

Eastern North Carolina is a bastion of outdoor opportunity. The small towns that dot these mountains welcome thousands of visitors annually who are looking for all different kinds of adventure. In the autumn the folks interested in leaf peeping visit West Virginia, driving the winding mountain roads and making camp amongst trees of vibrant yellow, orange, and red. Zip line adventures, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, ATV, OHV, 4X4… you name it, West Virginia has got it. And the Eastern half of the state is by far the most popular area for thrill seekers and avid campers.

History buffs out to find their way to Harpers Ferry, Martinsburg, and Hagerstown for an easy day trip from the Washington D.C. area. Further west are gems like Lost River State Park, Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area, and the Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Kumbrabow State Forest is a popular haven for fishing and hunting, as well as for hiking the rugged trails that crisscross streams and lead to breathtaking waterfalls. Further south is Watoga State Park, which spreads across ten thousand acres of mountaintops and densely forested valleys perfect for really getting into the wilds of West Virginia.

Southern West Virginia is sprinkled with small towns, and many fantastic opportunities for getting outdoors with your RV or motorhome. Check out the Bluestone National Scenic River area, which is sandwiched by Pipestem Resort State Park and Bluestone State Park. The area is well known for camping, hiking, hunting, and for anyone looking to escape the busy metro areas of the eastern seaboard. The New River Gorge is well known for its breathtakingly tall bridges and fantastic opportunities for adrenaline junkies. Go rafting, kayaking, or zip-linking in the thick forest of West Virginia. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is nearby, as is Babcock State Park, both local favorites and brimming with beautiful hill country. Motor north to the Gauley River National Recreation Area for one of America’s best loved whitewater rafting destinations. (Be careful, y’all!)

The Charleston, West Virginia RV parks and campgrounds are both near the city as well as scattered throughout the countryside. To be sure, this is extremely beautiful land, and it is protected and celebrated at designated areas like Beech Fork Lake Wildlife Management Area, south of Huntington, Cabwaylingo State Forest, Chief Logan State Park, and Kanawha State Forest, one of the area favorites in the summertime.

Updated November 10, 2016.

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