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Kentucky RV parks and campgrounds can be found throughout the state, with many of the best RV resorts in Kentucky being situated close to popular natural, urban, and civic attractions. The Bluegrass State, as it’s lovingly called, forms the border between the South and the Midwest, with neighbors to the south like Tennessee and the two Virginias, and neighbors to the north like Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Kentucky is famous for its bourbon, fried chicken, bluegrass music, and horse racing. Collectively, these are fantastic things to be known for, and you had better believe Kentucky loves to share these aspects of their heritage with visitors. Choosing an RV site in Kentucky also means you’ll never be too far from vibrant natural spaces to explore.

Southeastern Kentucky’s RV parks draw folks who are eager to explore venues like Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, where the state meets with Tennessee and Virginia in the foothills of the Appalachians. Nearby Kingdom Come State Park, Mine Made Adventure Park, and Carr Creek State Park are nearby destinations popular among the RVing crowd, especially in the summer and autumn months. Further west is the Daniel Boone National Forest and venues like the Big South Fork Scenic Railway, Kentucky Splash WaterPark and campground, and the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.

Northeastern Kentucky RV parks and campgrounds tend to cluster around the numerous natural attractions of the area, which include Yatesville Lake State Park, Grayson Lake State Park, and Carter Caves State Resort Park, which is situated between Tygarts State Forest and the Northeastern Kentucky Museum. Further south you’ll run back into the nationally protected area which enshrouds numerous campgrounds and places like the Kentucky Folk Art Center, Cave Run Lake, and eventually these roads lead south to world-renown venues like the Red River Gorge and Chimney Top Rock next door to Natural Bridge State Resort Park.

Front and center in the state are the Lexington, Kentucky RV parks and campgrounds which offer the ideal one-two combo punch of having both a vibrant urban and fantastic natural scene. Lexington is home to nearby outdoor attractions like Mt. Sterling, Fort Boonesborough State Park, and the Kentucky Horse Park. History buffs would do well to visit the Waveland State Historic Site, the Bluegrass Railroad and Museum, the Thoroughbred Center, and the childhood home of Mary Todd Lincoln.

On your way from Lexington to Louisville, be sure to stop in Frankfort, home to the Buffalo Trace distillery, if you’ve got time to sober up before towing your trailer down the interstate. Similarly, the Jim Beam American Stillhouse is just a few miles south of Louisville as well. Some of Kentucky’s best loved attractions are an easy drive from either Lexington or Louisville, including the Lincoln Homestead State Park, My Old Kentucky Home, Taylorsville Lake State Park, and the Bourbon Heritage Center.

Louisville is of course where the baseball bats are made. The iconic Louisville Slugger has been as much a part of our National Pastime as say, Rawlings, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks. After watching bats being born, head over to the Kentucky Derby Museum, Muhammad Ali Center, or climb aboard the Belle of Louisville Riverboat. Across the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, Indiana is the Falls of the Ohio State Park, where guests are welcome to go hiking, fishing, and visit the fossil beds and discovery center nearby. Western Kentucky RV parks tend to cluster around the natural destinations popular in the region like the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Shawnee National Forest, and Mammoth Cave National Park, one of Kentucky’s most popular natural destinations.

Updated November 8, 2016.

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