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RVers can search and book thousands of campgrounds thanks to a winning combination of software and a stellar customer support team. We also supply campgrounds and RV parks with great tools and services to help them succeed online, including the amazing RoverPass Booking System to manage reservations.

Aiden Smith

Sales Manager

Aniluz Michel

Software Developer

Brandon Trevino

Sales Operations Manager

Brock Stormer

Director of Accounts

Daiana Kleiner

Market Onboarding Specialist

Eleanor Tumang

Executive Assistant

Gonzalo Fernandez


Grace McCool

VP of Customer Success

Irving Caro

Software Developer

James Kwon

Director of Finance

Jimmy Pocock

Chief Architect

Juan Rebolledo

Software Developer

Kelsey Bramer

Customer Success Representative

Kristen O'Hara

Director of Sales

Leah Tardy

Head of Customer Success

Lisa Senecal

Product Marketing Manager

Lucas Nofal

Associate Product Manager

Michelle Snedden

Customer Success Representative

Patricio Lemaire

Director of Operations - Argentina

Ravi Parikh


René Martinez

Director of Onboarding

Robby Treviño

Associate Product Manager

Ronny Perez

Onboarding Specialist

Rouchelle Miranda

Data Analyst

Sarah Milton

Onboarding Specialist

Savannah Montgomery

UX Designer

Shawn Cordes

Director of Product

The campground industry is a true all-American, small-business community. The family business atmosphere has a charm hard to find in other, commercially driven, travel sectors. An industry dominated by small businesses causes a unique technology problem, though. With less properties owned by corporations, there's less widely dispersed booking technology. That's why there isn't an Expedia for campgrounds and RV parks. RoverPass is here to solve this problem with easy-to-use, awesome software for campgrounds along with travel agents to help RVers.