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About Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is located on the Pacific Coast between forested hills and some of the most beautiful coastlines that California has to offer. It is approximately 28 miles south of San Francisco and lies within the westernmost portion of San Mateo County. With its historic downtown, shops, art galleries, restaurants, accommodations, beaches, parks, golf courses, nurseries, and farms, it's a wonderful local and regional destination. The Pumpkin Festival held in October draws people from around the country to enjoy its panoramic vistas, fine cuisine, arts, crafts and genuine hospitality. Residents of this charming community live a lifestyle that many think no longer exists in California: neighbors care about each other, schools are important, and there is a sense of real community. It's no wonder that many RVers head there in droves each year to enjoy relaxing and peaceful days by the coastline, without all of the hustle and bustle of daily life. 



Popular Attractions

A thriving home for scores of artists, the area boasts an active artist's collective. Half Moon Bay has the Colony of Coastside Artists, several galleries, and a revolving calendar of classes and workshops available locally. Visitors can also look forward to touring the remnants of the village of Purissima, perhaps the only ghost town in San Mateo County. And of course, as a beach town, there's miles of beautiful west coast seaside to enjoy. At the north edge of the bay is the big wave surf area, Mavericks, where surfers challenge waves over 50 feet tall, and Montara Mountain, located North of Half Moon Bay, is a popular outdoor recreation spot and home to the old Highway 1. Seagoing vessels at Pillar Point Harbor will, on occasion, sell fresh seafood while docked at the piers, so for seafood enthusiasts, it doesn't get much fresher than this! The region around Half Moon Bay contains several state parks and beaches, including: Half Moon Bay State Beach, Poplar Beach, San Gregorio State Beach and Pomponio State Beach, each offering a different perspective of the natural terrain, and diverse lands perfect for exploring.


And this of course isn't the end; the area offers a nearly endless list of adventures, and many are one of a kind. Here are some of those unique attractions that even has locals to the state traveling to Half Moon Bay to enjoy. The Coastal Repertory Theatre, Coastside Farmer’s Market, Horseback Riding on the Beach and aerial tours are popular, but there's also coastal boat expeditions. There's also opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, the Point Montara Lighthouse, wind surfing and sailing. A surprise to many, the city is also home to fertile farmlands perfect for touring and sampling fresh produce; well-known among them are the Filoli House & Gardens, Harley Farms, Lemos Farm and the Green Oaks Creed Farm. There's also H. Pastorino’s & Sons, Santa’s Tree Farm and the Yerba Buena Nursery. And alongside these farmlands are a number of world-class vineyards; for tours and tastes, travelers can try A Grape in the Fog, Eno Wine Bar at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese and Barterra Winery. And after a long day of exploring, RVers can settle back into the ecstatic and sometimes very relaxing scenes for live music in the area. Rivaling cities like Austin and Fredericksburg, Half Moon Bay is home to world-class musicians. Travelers and locals alike have much to take advantage of by way of the area's excellent art scene. Art galleries galore. Many head to the bay from neighboring counties to enjoy popular galleries like the Borsini Burr Galleries, Coastal Arts League, Gallery M and the Spring Mountain Gallery.


For the nature enthusiast, the Half Moon Bay Coastside offers a wealth of ecotourism activities, and is home to some of the richest marine reserves and wetlands on the California mainland. One of the biggest evidences of this comes in the form of the many tidepooling areas, fishing for wild salmon or albacore tuna that can be fished in this beautiful town.



Campgrounds and Parks

There are fewer than a dozen campgrounds in the Half Moon Bay Area, but they all cater to the seaside adventurer seeking comfort and a true immersion into region's breathtaking beauty. The Half Moon Bay RV Park is located right on the bay, and is home to a number of excellent activities like volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, bird- watching and mountain biking. There's also plenty of opportunities for surfing, kayaking, horseback riding and stand-up paddle boarding. Amenities at the park include: water, electrical hookups, sewerage, WIFI, restrooms, showers, laundry facilities and game courts. With excellent amenities and a breathtaking ocean view to enjoy each morning, RVers can look forward to a great stay at this campground and the other private parks in the area. The city is also home to dozens of public campsites, some with partial hookups and some welcoming tent campers. These sites are all clean and well-managed, and ready for the eager campers that head to the bay each year!




No California city is complete without a jam-packed calendar of events for both locals and visitors to enjoy. Many events take place during the summer months, but there's no shortage of activities and attractions such as the Rock the Block Coastside Block Party, the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show and the Chamarita Festival. The Tour des Fleurs, rodeo, Kings Mountain Art Fair, Maverick's Surf Competition, Night of Lights and the Silicon Valley Triathalon are also extremely popular, drawing huge crowds each year. 



Places to Eat

As a coastal town, Half Moon Bay is filled with excellent, craft eateries centered around seafood, but with international culinary influences on these restaurants, each eatery offers a vibrant mix of unique flavors. Some of the area's most common flavors follow the area's trend toward fresh, organic foods, Italian flavors and even Indian Spices. Popular spots include: the Ark North Indian Grill, Caffe Mezza Luna, Flying Fish Bar & Grill, Duarte’s Tavern and Cetrella. And of course, there's an endless supply of excellent local brews and wines to enjoy after a long day of adventuring and tasting the area's excellent foods.



History and Landmarks

Historical places to visit in Northern California are abundant, however the Half Moon Bay Coastside offers many that still represent past times. These California landmarks and Bay Area Historical Sites take you back to a time when life was relatively simple with untouched coastal landscapes that have been enjoyed for many generations. These are only a few of the many local landmarks enjoyed by residents and curious folks passing through. Two cells still remain at the rear of the Half Moon Bay Jail's solid concrete building complete, with steel bars on the windows. Built in 1911 this California historic landmark is a definitely a sight! One of the historical places to visit is the Salt Box house built in 1853 that has survived the harsh coastal elements to become one of Half Moon Bay’s iconic elements, and the HI-Pigeon Point Lighthouse is another popular spot. Among the tallest and most photographed lighthouses in the United States, this historical place to visit was established in 1872. Hostelling International USA provides affordable accommodations for travelers of any age in the restored lighthouse keepers housing. The city also has four sites listed at the National Register of Historic Places: the Methodist Episcopal Church at Half Moon Bay, the William Adam Simmons House, the Robert Mills Dairy Barn and the James Johnston House.

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