The RoverPass RV Park
Ambassador Program

RoverPass is Giving Away up to $2,000,000

10,000 campgrounds and RV parks without online booking technology.

$200 for each referral after they receive their first reservation

Up to $2,000,000 possible in total referral payouts to our ambassadors.

RoverPass is Giving Away up to $2,000,000

RVers can search and book thousands of campgrounds thanks to a winning combination of software plus human travel agents and a stellar customer support team. We also supply campgrounds and RV parks with free tools and services to help them succeed online, including the free RoverPass Booking System to manage reservations.

Our Mission

The campground industry is a true all-American, small-business community. The family business atmosphere has a charm hard to find in other commercially driven travel sectors. An industry dominated by small businesses causes a unique technology problem, though. With less properties owned by corporations, there's less widely dispersed booking technology. That's why there isn't an Expedia for campgrounds and RV parks. RoverPass is here to solve this problem with easy-to-use, free software for campgrounds. We'd like your help in growing our campground customers.

4 Steps to Earning Money as an Ambassador

1. Submit Your Ambassador Application

Once you submit your ambassador application, we'll review it and schedule a quick interview.

2. Promote the RoverPass Booking System to Campgrounds

Once you become an ambassador and learn about the RoverPass Booking System, you're ready to start talking to campgrounds.

3. Schedule Appointments

If the campground's interested, schedule them for an appointment with one of our product specialists to answer any more questions and for us to get them set up on the system.

4. Get Paid

Once a campground signs up, we'll send you $200 cash after their first completed reservation. There is no cap on how many referrals you can earn.

Tips for Getting Referrals

How to Approach the Campground

When talking to the campground, just ask what kind of system they use for online reservations. If they don't currently have something in place, tell them about the free RoverPass Booking System. If they want to know more information, set an appointment with one of our product specialists and we'll give them a thorough walkthrough and answer in-depth questions.

The RoverPass Booking Talking Points

Here's a few highlights about the RoverPass Booking System.

It's free for campgrounds to use.

RoverPass makes its money from charging a small convenience fee on the reservation to campers.

There's no double bookings.

You review and approve each reservation request. Guests using the service must wait for you to approve the reservation in order to be confirmed.

There's no availability calendar to manage.

You don't have to spend anytime updating calendars. You check your availability like you normally do now and then either approve or decline the reservation request.

There's about 15 minutes of work required from the campground.

You'll need to send us your current rate sheet, and let RoverPass know how you want to be paid, either by direct deposit or a monthly check

If you can answer your email and click a button, you know how to use RoverPass.

RoverPass keeps it simple and to the point. We know you don't have much time to learn a completely new system.

Objections and Responses

I don't want to do online reservations because I want to talk to my guests personally.

Every reservation request also contains the person's contact information if you need to call them.

I don't want to learn a new system or teach my front desk a new way of doing things.

The only new thing you'll have to do is look for an email alert (or text message), click the link, and then either approve or decline based on the reservation request details. It's like answering a super streamlined phone call.

I don't want to handle credit cards

RoverPass handles the credit card through their payment processor. You are not liable for anything that goes wrong.

What about cancellation policies and refunds?

We've built a system to handle hundreds of different scenarios. RoverPass works with your cancellation policy and refunds the customer accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay at the campground in order to submit the referral?

Yes. This referral program was created to encourage current guests to have a conversation with the campground they're staying with.

How quickly do I get paid?

There are no guarantees on timing but typically when a campground inbounds to RoverPass, it takes 2-3 weeks from starting conversation to saying yes and being fully up and running.

When will I know if a campground referral was completed?

Once you submit the referral, we immediately log it in our internal system. As it progresses through our system, we keep your referral information attached. When the first reservation is completed through the RoverPass Booking System, we will reach out to you and send you $200 cash.