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Three Rivers, Texas RV parks and campgrounds are sprinkled around the metro area and extend into the wilds of South Texas along Route 72 and Interstate 37. This part of the state is popular among anglers, birders, and hunters, while there is plenty to explore for folks just looking for a nice weekend in the countryside.

If you’re looking to explore the natural gems of this region of Texas, head west to Choke Canyon State Park in Calliham, less than 15 miles from Three Rivers. The park offers a beach, hiking trails, and it’s open year-round. Spend the day on the water or beneath one of the many shade trees in the park. Drop a line from the shore or from your watercraft for a chance to hook a largemouth bass or any number of species that are stocked here. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, alligators, and rare birds who make their homes here at different points throughout the year. In the spring the shoreline is ablaze with Texas wildflowers, creating a surreal background for your picnic, barbecue, or personal adventure.

Charley York Hollow is nestled along the Frio River and forms the eastern shoreline of the Choke Canyon Reservoir, offering the closest option for access to the lake. It’s only a few minutes from downtown Three Rivers and provides a lovely setting for fishing and watching the sunset. At the other end of the Reservoir is the James E Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area which can be reached via Calliham and Route 99, or by boat from Calliham’s Choke Canyon State Park across the water.

Another popular nearby option for getting outdoors when you are at an RV park is Lake Corpus Christi State Park, which is similar to Choke Canyon, but offers more of a coastal prairie environment than its neighbor to the north, which is dotted with large oaks springing from the limestone banks.

History buffs should find their way to the Fannin Battleground State Historic Site, which celebrates the legacy of the brave souls who participated in the Battle of Coleto Creek here in 1836. All of the Texans who survived this conflict for independence from Mexico were later executed by General Santa Ana in nearby Goliad.

Updated 11/2/2016

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