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About Sioux Falls

The largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls is well-known for its Big Sioux River, a 419-long tributary of the Missouri river. Around the river is Falls Park, a 123 acre park which makes a convenient loop around the city. Visitors, especially camping enthusiasts love to walk, hike and bike this loop, enjoying the various natural scenes as they go. Another ecological wonder is the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove which intertwines nature with the actions of mankind. The large house is kept at 80 degrees to protect the over 8,000 butterflies that live there, and not too far away, the marine cove is home to a tropical underwater oasis - sea stars, sea urchins, sharks, sting ray and a host of other creatures live in the cove. Terrace Park and the Great Plains Zoo are two other natural/manmade attractions that give Sioux Falls a charm that most can't resist. Apart from the natural landscape, the city center offers attractions like the USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial, Cathedral of St. Joseph and the Veteran's Memorial Park. When visitors get a bit overwhelmed with all of the downtown attractions, there's always a clean, well-maintained campground to retreat to, such as the Tower Campground and the Westwick Motel and RV Park. Expect partial hookups, but at the same time, breath-taking views that are hard time find elsewhere in America. Visitors have a hard time leaving and locals never leave, making Sioux Falls a true camping treasure.

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