Easily Book Campgrounds and RV Parks in Blacksburg, VA

About Blacksburg

Blacksburg RV parks and campgrounds are spread around the outskirts of town and tend to cluster around Claytor Lake and in the Jefferson National Forest. This is beautiful country, and while it’s very popular year-round, the summertime sees the most RV traffic. Finding a spot to set up camp can be a challenge if you haven’t made reservations. The region has vibrant small towns with quaint shops and restaurants. Also, the presence of Virginia Tech tends to shape most of the fun, local culture.

The state of Virginia has two major camping draws: the western half with its forests and mountains, and the eastern coast with Virginia Beach campgrounds and the city of Williamsburg. The Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford area represent the gateway to the western side of the state, and these hills are a bona fide playground. Be sure to get outdoors in western Virginia at any number of area attractions, like the Hahn Horticulture Garden, Smithfield Plantation, or the Coal Mining Heritage Park.

When you’re downtown, check out the Virginia Tech campus — the previously mentioned Hahn Horticulture Garden is here. The University plays a pivotal role in the local culture, and much of the downtown area is geared towards college-aged kids as well as a thriving community of academics of all ages.

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