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2947 Little River Road, Radford, VA, 24141

Sportsman on the New River RV Park is located near Radford, Virginia. It features 25 basic campsites. The park is pet-friendly.


Amenities & Activities

Campsite amenities offered include picnic tables, fire circles, and grills. It also includes basic amenities like restrooms with hot showers and laundry facilities. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.



The campground is near attractions like:

  • George Washington and Jefferson National Forest
  • Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Shenandoah National Park
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Last Updated: 08/11/2022

RV Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook Up Waterfront Sites (Back In) $50.00 $225.00 $600.00 See More Choose Your Site
Water & Electric Only Sites (Back In) $35.00 $200.00 $450.00 See More Choose Your Site
Water & Electric Only Sites (Pull Thru) $45.00 $210.00 $500.00 See More Choose Your Site
Water & Electric Only Waterfront Sites (Back In) $45.00 $210.00 $500.00 See More Choose Your Site
Tent Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Primitive Tent Site $20.00 Choose Your Site

Community BBQ/Grill

Community Fire Pit

Community Restrooms

Dump Station

Laundry Facilities




Wildlife Viewing

Kayaking & Canoeing

2947 Little River Road, Radford, VA, 24141
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Overall Rating: 1.5

Gunnar Teilmann

Great location by the New River with a full convenience store attached, and near to Radford. They need to do some maintenance. Sewer pipes above ground. Water seepage coming out of the dirt making soft spots in the gravel and green pools of water. Broken concrete on the pads. Our site had all three.

jeff do

in sumnay - better avoid this campground! dirty, pad is sloping way too much couldn’t even motorized level it, spent 2 hrs trying . construction noise through out the night , with noise level deafening- no sleep at all - y threw away $50. everything need correction.

Harry Weller

Nice location by the river but the water & sewer connections were questionable, in my opinion. The person in the associated Sportsman store was clueless to my reservation and how to connect to the water & sewer. Rustic is my best description. Additionally loud construction work on the nearby bridge started at 3:30a in the morning.

Brian Calder

After leaving my review I was able to see what other customers had written. OMG. If you are looking at staying at this campsite be warned, these reviews speak for themselves. It’s a dump and you are not prepared for what is actually like. If the owner reads these reviews, that makes it even worse. He obviously has some deal going on be that through social services or something but the clientele he provides for is at such a different level from most campers and Rv people I have come across. BE WARNED AND LOOK ELSEWHERE. Honestly if I could stay here again for FREE I would opt out and find a rest area instead. This location does not deserve one star.

Brian Calder

Campsite was situated in a nice and accessible location, however, the majority of clientele are long term RV/mobile homes. On arrival we became very aware of some of those clients due to the consistent and prolonged use of expletives. Not a good atmosphere and definitely not classy to say the least. The washroom areas are probably some of the worst I have ever come across at any campsite. I won’t go Into the specifics on cleanliness because there was none but when you openly advertise there is no toilet paper because it is being stolen, that kinda says it all for me. Disgusting conditions. I would not let my children be alone or go anywhere without me in or around the campsite. You will know what I mean if you visit. I would never consider going back, but it was a nice area for kayaking and fishing.

Tom Smith

In my previous review I meant to say I brought my son down from West Virginia.

Tom Smith

One can definitely tell the Golden Age of the Sportsman RV Campground has been over for a very long time. I brought my son down last year from Virginia like I do every year. It was roughly this time last year my son came to me and said there were a bunch of cops, when I got to looking a drug raid was taking place, one of the tenants had a meth lab in his camper. It’s sad that a family cannot enjoy some time next to the New River without having to worry about drug activity. Now let’s fast forward to this year and honestly this place has got worse since last year. The other evening when I pulled in I went to use the bathroom facilities and honestly it was the most horrendous thing I have ever seen. There were old toilet paper rolls in the floor caked in water from a leak they had not fixed in a long time, the toilet paper rolls were caked in urine as well. I went to go get a shower and after a good solid five minutes instead of the water getting hot it was ice cold. According to my girlfriend the women’s side was not great either, she informed me that there were used feminine products scattered throughout both stalls. Some of the staff are friendly but you can tell that the management and owners do not care about what this place looks like. This will be the very last time that I visit here and it’s a shame because I really enjoyed coming here. I really hope things get better but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I will also be notifying the health department over the bathrooms. Do not bring your families here!!!

Lurena Huffman

Lovely people to work with. Great view of the river. Unfortunately, construction going on with the bridge overhead which lead to some loud evenings, but that's not on the campground. Nice and easy to set up and a corner store and gas station attached. Would definitely use again!

jo smith

i gave it a single star just so it would let me upload review . people have set up home here , quite a few units are not fit to live in. the campground is dirty . the site beside me has old carpet and bricks from the last person. they have a half gate which makes no since . one guy had a pick up truck full of empty , I believe some units won't run if you tried . ill stay at a rest area before a spend a night here again . if they clean it up and not let people junk it up and live here full time . they may get a really nice spot beside the river

Laurie Stir

This place was awful. Next door we thought was an abandoned rv but they snuck in the middle of the night and hooked up. Probably to avoid payment. We had to pay a trash clean up fee but there was trash everywhere when we arrived . Highway above your head. We made it through one night and left next morning even though we had a reservation for two nights. Supposed to be full hook up but it wasn’t.

Dwayne Johnson

Place small, cramped. Allow junk trailers and questionable residents - next door partied into the night with result of throwing up near our trailer. Highway bridge almost directly over camp with traffic noise all night plus loud construction on bridge at night. Have reservations for three nights but packed up and left after one night. Stay clear of this place.

This was the worst campsite I've ever been to! Construction going on all night . & the rest of the people there seem like they've been living there since the 90’s its a MESS. DO NOT waste money here

Shannon Houston

This was a last minute decision to book so we could visit our kids at University nearby. Claytor Lake was full. I read reviews beforehand so we thought we knew what to expect. I really was not too bad. The full time residents kept to themselves and construction noise was not there due to Holiday weekend. Road noise was also not too bad. Our spot (4) had a very nice view of the river. The people in the store were also nice. There was one resident whose dog was off leash a few times but other than that we had no issues.