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About Antioch

Almost halfway in between Milwaukee and Chicago is the medium-sized town of Antioch, Illinois. With a relatively humid climate, the city attracts people seeking work in the big companies skirting city limits, but has an incredible downtown cottage industry. Shops in the city sell a mix of clothes, quilts and homemade foods from international transplants. Visitors and residents alike enjoy some key popular sites, including the Chain O' Lakes aquatic mecca that runs along Fox River, known for attracting boaters and skiiers and snow-mobile enthusiasts during the winter months. The city is also home to several amateur and professional fishing tournaments, so this is certainly the place to be to refine your craft or just relax by the waterside. Antioch also boasts a thriving performing arts scene, home to workshops, galleries, libraries and a multitude of special events showcasing the strong creative eye of the city's residents. For visitors ready to take advantage of the natural environment, the city has over a dozens parks and lakes, providing ample space and water to stretch your legs, get your heart rate up, and then relax by the night time grill with that day's catch. Antioch is one of those cities that is both a natural and cultural oasis that makes every stay memorable.

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