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W1316 Island Road, Palmyra, WI, 53156

Circle K Campground, nestled in Palmyra WI in the Kettle Moraine area, has over 99 camping sites. The family-oriented campground perfect for large groups, such as Boy's Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, or family events. We feature partial hookup sites along with rustic tent sites. All sites include water, metered electric, and honey wagon service. They also all have access to amenities like a heated swimming pool, a private fishing pond, nature trails, and a general store. You can play games like badminton, volleyball, archery, air hockey, darts, and more. Given our convenient location, visitors are able to bike, hike, horseback trails on the Southern Kettle Moraine. There are several lakes nearby for some outdoor activities along with great restaurants. Whether its for a short and or long term stay, we hope to see you soon!

Open Dates: May 1 to October 15

Last Updated: 05/20/2023

RV Site

Monthly rate does not include Electricity.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Partial Hookup Site $50.00 $350.00 $525.00 See More Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Rustic Tent Site $35.00 $210.00 Choose Your Site

Dump Station

No Dump station available, We do have honey wagon service available for you. He will come right to your site and pump out your tanks for $10.00. Please call ahead to schedule a time.

Check in /Check Out

Check in time is after 2 pm and check out time is at Noon. No check in's after dark hour. Ne exceptions.

Sign in

All vehicles need a visitor pass, must stop at store to receive one to enter park. No exceptions.

Vehicle Restrictions

2 vehicle per site, RV counts as 1 vehicle. Please let us know if you need more vehicles so we can accommodate.

Pet Rules

Animals must remain on a controlled leash. All feces must be picked and disposed in proper collection containers.

Cancellation Policy

At this time, we are not issuing refunds due to Covid-19. If you need to cancel, please contact us and we can discuss moving your dates of reservation for another time, based on availability. Thank you and stay safe.

20 Amps

30 Amps

50 Amps

ADA Accessible

Community Restrooms

Community Showers

Community Water Fountain

Gasoline Nearby

General Store

Laundry Facilities

Pet Friendly

Picnic Table

Slide Outs

Trash Service

Water Hookups


Gravel Roads

Drinking Water

Fire Ring / Grill

Pets Allowed



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Back-in RV Sites

Dirt Roads

Fire Pit


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Historic Sightseeing

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W1316 Island Road, Palmyra, WI, 53156
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Overall Rating: 3.5

Shay Weaver

We have been full timers here for now 2 years. Ed has been very accommodating and making sure every site has everything needed to have a great weekend. We moved from a rear site to a site closer to the front & it was worth the move. The sites are oversized and low to maintain. The neighbors are down to earth and this park is very pet friendly. We installed a deck this spring & most neighbors were very helpful. The park is 24/7. quiet time there's never any issues. The store is always clean and stocked pretty well! We came from a seasonal site in the Dells and its got NOTHING on Circle K. Ed (the owner)comes around to see if you need help with anything and to say hello. This place even offers winter storage! We are very happy with our new site and we hope to enjoy the summer with our new neighbors! Its to bad people can only leave 5 stars because Ed & his wife really go above & beyond to make sure that thigs are good with there tenants. If I could, I'd give 25 plus stars!!!

Franchesca Bridgette

This place is a dump and doesn’t even deserve one star. The health department should come out and inspect the disgusting bathrooms, disgusting laundry room and the doors by s bathrooms by office that don’t close. The old man, IS A VERY CREEPY GUY!!!! We reserved a few spots this past weekend and we were all going to go to the store, well I decided to stay back in my camper and take a shower. (With the very little to NO water pressure they have, i had to use my fresh water tank, thankfully I filled up before I left my house!). I get out of shower and I’m getting dressed and I see a shadow, I look and this CREEP is looking in my camper!!! He probably thought no one was here because my brother, sister in law and my son went to the store. This place is not well kept and has a lot of junk every where. There are many other nicer places in the area!! I felt VERY UNCOMFORTABLE the rest of my stay!! If it didn’t rain so hard the last night; we would have left early!!!

Campground Response

All I can say is WOW, For starters our restrooms are cleaned and sanitized all day long, We have a new well pump and great water pressure. So i'm glad you brought your own water, our water is also softened and excellent. I really don't appreciate you calling me a creep and making accusations that i'm looking in your trailer, Since this is not true and I will be talking to my attorney about this. Posting lies like this is a criminal offense. All this over being asked not to bring your dog into the store you should be ashamed of you self. Saturday you telling the store clerk you loved it here and want to come back, to now making up stories. I do hope you find a campground that is more suited for your needs. Going thru life angry can not be fun or pleasant for everybody around you.

Matthew Gatz

Stay away from this place. What a waste of money and time!! The guy that runs the place, Ed, I believe is his name is a very unprofessional and rude person. There is ZERO customer service from management at this place. He was nice on the phone until the card was processed. There is no communication between management and employees. The girl in store said my sister could bring her tiny poodle in the store while she buys stuff as long as she held the dog in her arms. The next day, my sister goes in store holding dog in arms and this man Ed let’s lose on my sister yelling and threatening her. They also charge a convenience fee on every transaction in the store on their already overpriced items. (Which we understand they have to make their money too, but how about telling the customer, or posting a sign) Ice cream was over priced and frost bitten. We tried to go in pool and they charged $2 per person per day even to just sit at the pool- not all of us had bathing suits. It started to storm before we could get to pool; and the girl in store gave us the money back. So next day we did same, bought the wristbands, little later they closed pool before we could make it. We asked the man Ed for refund and he laughed “we don’t do that” I explained that the girl did yesterday and he said “we don’t do that, I will reprimand her”. He laughed and dismissed us… I asked him again politely and he said “you should have watched the weather” we didn’t even get to go in the pool that day and he couldn’t refund us the money??? What a joke. We walk back to our camp site , and as we walk away we are talking amongst ourselves that this is ridiculous and I hear Ed say “f-off”. So now I go back to ask him why he is being like this at a family campsite. My 4 year old nephew is crying now because he starts raising his voice. He eventually gives me the $4 back and calls me an a-hole.. real nice!! I WILL NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!

Campground Response

Matthew, All I can say is WOW, You came in angry and left angry. The rain didn't help much either. Let me start by saying your sisters dog was never allowed in the store, she was asked politely to remove it but she did not. The store clerk did not want to get in a confrontation with her, since she was already yelling at her. The clerk did buy the young man some candy to quiet him down. the second time around when she was asked not bring her dog in the store you and her both started yelling at me about it. So why am I explaining this. So why would you go to my house and open the door and put notes in it, what type of a person does this. All I can say is WOW. We do not charge convenience fees that is the Credit card companies . As far as the pool goes you received the pool pass's in the morning so i'm not sure if you went swimming or not, we do not monitor this, you have the bands you can go swimming all day long. We do not reimburse because of rain there was never any yelling or swearing so i'm not sure where that came from besides you imagination and yes I did reimburse you for the swim bands because you were yelling and creating a scene so I gave you your money back so you would go away. Yes we do have a speed limit in our park it is clearly posted so being asked to slow down means you were going to fast especially with kids running around. We even have signs up about animals in the store and only service animals allowed and you yelling at me and saying what is the difference between a service animal and your sisters dog, Really. Like I said you came in angry and left angry. I do hope the rain cloud over your head goes away soon so life gets better for you. Camping is suppose to be fun and relaxing not being grumpy and angry. So I really hope life gets better for you.

Laura Bell

Very roomy tent site and friendly staff.

Chelsea Indra

This was our second stay at Circle K, and it was equally amazing as the first trip. The campground is well maintained, clean, and very quiet/calm at night, which was wonderful for our family's needs. The staff is so friendly and helpful, it is truly a home away from home!

Campground Response

Chelsea, Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm glad you had a great time here at our Campground. Ed

Mandi Smaga

Great campground! Very clean and well maintained. Ed and Colleen are so accommodating. And the ceramics painting was a huge hit with my grandsons! Highly recommend this site!

Campground Response

Thanks Mandi, have a safe trip home. Ed

Marilyn Gruling

They hawk you watch for all the extra fees for everything and don't let your kids climb around in pool.ikd man come out and yells at them.he pick and choose people to tell at

Campground Response

IM sorry you felt that way, but having the kids use the stairs and ladders is for the children's safety. There was no yelling at anybody and we asked very politely, but your children seem to be enjoying them selfs and having fun. after all, we are looking out for the children's safety and concerns in the pool. Happy Camping. Ed

Tomas Sanchez

This circle K campground was a pleasure for our family to stay at for the 3 nights we stayed there. We had an issue with our vehicle pulling our camper soon after check out. The owner was helpful to us by letting us keep our camper there again while we found a dealership. Very hospitable and lovely seasonal people as well.

Mark Forsythe

Friendliest staff and really clean campgrounds, especially considering we arrived just after the busy 4th weekend. I can't say enough about the staff and how friendly they were. When we enquired about an activity for our daughter, even though it was technically after hours but Ed was kind enough to give the ok and our kiddo had a blast. It's not often we get to stop in Wisconsin but definitely would be more than happy to stay here again!

heather depper

Me and my family had so much fun and it was a clean, quiet and peaceful place. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The tent sites are a decent size and the portajohns are very clean. I will definitely be returning.

Nicole Ragan

Nice, well kept family campground. The people were very friendly. The kids enjoyed fishing and the pool, which was not over crowded. They also jumped in the bounce house. Our campsite had a alot of space and shade.

John Smith

So far from anything to do, not an ideal location. Not a nice location, either. I'd stay at the Jellystone in Fort Atkinson if I were in the area again. Looked nice while driving by.

Campground Response

Hi John, You are right we are in the middle of nothing. It's quiet and peaceful this is the reason campers come here is to relax. Enjoy each other's company reunite with the family have a campfire and relax. campers come here to enjoy the music, dancing in the street or even the fishing and yes John just to relax and get away from the hustle of the busy life. So John for you to do a drive-by and give us a 1-star rating you should be ashamed of yourself. We are not a Jellystone campground we are a family campground where there are children out playing and the parents don't have to worry about if they are safe. The adults are out having fun socializing. This is what family camping is all about. Ed

Susie Scott

My friend and I enjoyed our stay. The grounds are beautiful and the people were super friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be back.

Daryl Klingaman

I would definitively recommend finding something a bit nicer. For the price, I can’t believe they have anyone stay there. I suppose that’s why they’re mostly residents and very few visitors. Save yourself the money and stay somewhere else. The Jellystone in Fort Atkinson is a nice place nearby.

Campground Response

our Response: Good Morning Daryl, When you arrived it was raining a downpour, and both your tanks were full, why you did not empty them before you came to us I have no Idea. When you made the reservation it is in black and white that we have no dump station no surprise there. What you demanded was we go out in the pouring rain and pump your trailer, upon arrival. You spent about 10 minutes here and then left to go else were. I informed you we will not go out in the rain with the honey wagon and you will have to wait for the rain to stop. After you left the rain stopped and the honey wagon was at your site, but you were upfront by the office, demanding your money back. We left the site open for you all weekend. Why would we give you your money back? You never had time to experience the campground you drove in got mad because your tanks were full and it was raining, so you left. So now you submitt a negative review! Edit Your Response...

Daniel Smith

Don’t stay here! No sewer hookups and no dump station either. Most of the sites are filled by full timers. Ed, the owner, is an ok guy to deal with but his wife seems like she needs a day off! Neither one was empathetic or accommodating whatsoever. I would not recommend staying here. Country View just down the road in Manitowac was a much more pleasant experience, cheaper and a much nicer park. We’ve been on the road for three months and stayed at a dozen different RV parks and this is the first time we’ve found one with no sewer hook up or dump station. Wild.

Campground Response

Good Morning Daniel, On our reservation site it tells you we do not have a dump station but we run a honey wagon service. If you could explain a little more I might be able to help. I have searched my records and have found no past reservation for Daniel.

Chris Dillon

Great owners and friendly staff. We will come back. The grounds are kept nicely. Pool looks inviting!!

Levi Betz


Campground Response

Levi how can you said it was BAD, when you never stayed here. You cancelled your reservation with us and was given the opportunity to reschedule this season. Now you rate us with a 1 star and say its bad.

William Irvin

Beautiful campground. Very nice staff! We will be back!

Campground Response

Thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed your stay.

Kevin Scopp

Nice campground, very clean and well kept up. My only complaint was that was a charge for using the pool and WIFI for the price of sites thought at least the pool would be included. And no beverages at all in the pool area made us leave the pool sooner then I wanted to. Only swam for about 20-30 min. then left o get something to drink. Otherwise nice place.

Rhonda Smith

Very well maintained facilities. Quiet and well planned for walking. Would have been better to tell campers on website that there is a charge for dumping and no self service dumping station. It’s not expensive but it would be nice to know. Hookups were a little awkwardly placed on our spot so be suRe to bring long enough hose and cord.