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RV parks in Glenns Ferry are both in the city and spread throughout the area, especially along the Snake River and Interstate 84. Some of the best RV parks in Idaho are in this part of the state. If you’re looking for a RV campground near Three Island Crossing State Park, your best bet would be to set up camp in the park itself or at one of the RV resorts within the town of Glenns Ferry.

Three Island Crossing State Park sits at a site of enormous importance during the California Gold Rush. Folks emigrating westward along the Oregon Trail had to cross the Snake River around this part of what is now Idaho, where there are three sandbar islets. The town gets its name from the gentleman who built a ferry to help emigrants and industrial freight on the way across the country. Here you will find the Oregon Trail Interpretive Site Museum, where you can get brought up to speed on the role this little spot along the massive Snake River played in America’s westward expansion. The park offers campsites as well as a robust list of amenities.

Glenns Ferry is relatively close to a number of natural attractions, including Boise National Forest, Sawtooth National Forest, Snake River Birds of Prey Area and neighboring Bruneau Dunes State Park, which has sand dunes, of course, as well as an observatory, campground, and equestrian trails.

All told, the Glenns Ferry area offers the best of both worlds for folks who are looking to get far away from large metro areas and who are also interested in the full catalogue of what the Snake River has to offer in terms of recreation, which is pretty much endless. Plan your adventure and be sure to reserve a spot!