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Bonners Ferry, Idaho Campgrounds and RV Parks

Tucked inside three national forests and just down the road from a wildlife refuge, Bonners Ferry is one of the most unique towns in Idaho. The Kootenai River flows through the middle of this charming town, which is at the northernmost point of Idaho. There are plenty of activities, including outdoor and water. Or, check out one of the local shops or eat at one of the restaurants. There are also plenty of great campgrounds and RV Parks to rest your head.

Kootenai National Forest is just outside of Bonners Ferry. Sweeping along the Idaho-Canada border. The forest is more than two million acres. It has some unique features for a national forest. The forest contains the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, which travers through the forest, covering more than 1,200 miles. Two major rivers through the park, the Clark Fork and the Kootenai River. The climate of the park is unique – as it isn’t like the rest of Idaho, but resembles the Pacific Northwest’s climate. You can hike up to Snowshoe Peak, which is the highest peak in the forest. After a day in the park, head over to one of the local campgrounds or check out some of the best RV Parks in Idaho.

Updated November 14, 2016.

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