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About Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a mid-sized city that is part of the Colorado Front Range. It’s located east of the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains, where the plains and mountains meet. It’s about an hour north of Denver, Colorado’s state capital. Fort Collins is considered one of the most “all-american towns” around. So much so that Walt Disney himself used the city as inspiration for Disney World’s Main Street, USA.

To a lesser degree, Fort Collins is also known for the infamous 2009 balloon boy hoax in which a not-so-sane dad claimed his 6-year-old son was carried away by a weather balloon. (Spoiler alert: the boy was hiding in the attic). In the event you’re only traveling in a motorhome and not a weather balloon, you will need a place to park your rig. Head to nearby Fort Collins RV parks, or check out the many sites for camping near Denver.

Before leaving Fort Collins there are a few more incredible things to see. Be sure to stop at the Horsetooth Reservoir, it’s a 6.5-mile-long body of straight constructed in 1949 to distribute water to surrounding areas. The region is surrounded by nearly 2,000 acres of public and recreational land, including several areas in Fort Collins.

In the summer, head west to Estes Park, which is also where the Rockies HQ is located. If you need a break from sleeping in your coach, check-in at the Stanley Hotel for an evening. This historic landmark was the inspiration for the spooky hotel in Stephen King’s The Shining. The Stanley, along with other buildings in Estes Park, are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Travel south 65 miles past Denver for camping near Colorado Springs and then in 90 minutes – even though it’s only 36 miles – you could be weaving your way in the direction of Pike’s Peak, the highest point on the southern Front Range. Colorado is known for its 53, 14,000-foot-tall mountains. And on the list of the tallest mountains in North America, Pike’s Peak is #53. If dangerous switchbacks make you nervous, we suggest you snag a parking spot at the foot of Pike’s Peak and check out the landscape with a pair of binoculars.

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