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Sundance, Wyoming Campgrounds and RV Parks

Situated near the South Dakota border, Sundance enjoys the best of multiple worlds. Gorgeous grasslands to the south and a lush, breathtaking forest to the east. The small town enjoys a remoteness, with easy access to outdoor activities and beauty. After a day exploring some of Wyoming’s beautiful landscapes, take a short drive to one of Sundance’s RV Parks or campgrounds.

Black Forest National Forest rolls out of Wyoming, near Sundance, and down into South Dakota. Roughlock Falls rests in the north and flows down Spearfish Canyon, a gorge rich with wildlife. The park is also home to the famous Mount Rushmore National Monument. The park offers around 350 miles of hiking trails and 11 reservoirs, and multiple streams, to fish. After a day in the park take a short drive to one of Sundance’s RV Parks. If you want to stay within the forest, there is also a Black Forest National Forest RV Park – the Custer’s Gulch RV Park.

To the south is Thunder Basin National Grassland. Beautiful views are abound, as well as hiking, hunting and fishing. There is a bounty of wildlife and plant life. After a day in the park, head over and check out the Devil’s Tower National Monument.

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