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About Mountainair

Smack dab in the middle of New Mexico, the RV camps near Mountainair are the best options for folks looking for an RV site. Mountainair RV parks, particularly, are surrounded by evidence of some of Native America’s richest history and heritage. While there are a couple RV parks in Mountainair and a number of additional RV resorts around the outskirts of town, all of these locations well south of Albuquerque.

Mountainair bills itself as the “Gateway to the Ancient Cities” because the town represents a kind of crossroads of native cultures that overlapped here throughout history. A dramatic grouping of red adobe brick ruins — the Salinas Pueblo Mission — was at one time a city with a population numbering more than 20,000 people. In the 1560s, the Spanish made their way to town and that was the end of that. The Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument Visitor Center is in the middle of town and provides key information to better understand the importance of the area.

Time permitting, be sure to take a look around. The city of Mountainair possesses a unique small town charm, and there are artist galleries, boutiques, and restaurants to explore before you head onto your next New Mexico adventure. In August, the town plays host to the annual Sunflower Festival, and the weekends bring an enchanting Farmers and Gardeners Market.

Manzano Mountains State Park is the most popular area attraction for experiencing New Mexico’s natural beauty. The high chaparral desert gives way to pine-studded mountains. There are miles of well-maintained hike and bike trails, fishing, and even cross-country skiing in the wintertime. The park is also popular for birders, as the area experiences ebbs and flows of migratory and resident species.

Regardless of what you’ve got planned for your time in central New Mexico, the town of Mountainair and the RV camps in New Mexico have something for every kind of camper.

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