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College Park, Maryland Campgrounds and RV Parks

College Park RV parks straddle the outskirts of town and aren’t far from the major freeways running into Washington, D.C. Choosing an RV site in College Park bears the benefit of being almost as close as you can get to camping hookups near our nation’s Capital, and the town itself isn’t far from some of the best natural expanses in Maryland.

Greenbelt Park is one of the best options for folks who are looking to spend some time outdoors and connect with Maryland’s natural attractions. The park was originally a hunting ground for the Algonquin Indians, and was developed during the FDR presidency as a way to both employ the unemployed and build more real estate to solve the area’s housing crisis after the Wall Street crash and during the Great Depression.

Looking for urban stuff to do around town? Front and center in College Park is the University of Maryland. Even if you’re not a current or former student, the beautiful campus architecture and points of interest are ideal for wandering. Nearby, the College Park Aviation Museum is essentially where flight began in earnest. It was in College Park where Wilbur Wright (of the Wright Brothers) taught the first Army airmen how to fly prior to WWI. The Museum is chock full of aviation history and has an outstanding collection of exhibits and aircraft on view. Further west, the UMD Observatory is primarily a teaching and research facility, but they do open to the public at certain times so regular folks like you and I can glimpse the stars and learn a bit about our universe. All true RVers love to look at the stars, why not indulge in a little educational stargazing at the observatory?

Regardless of what you have planned or how long you get to stay in the area, College Park RV parks and campgrounds can accommodate all kinds of camping. And the surrounding area is rich with history, nature, and a vibrant collegiate culture to inspire and entertain even the most well-traveled visitors.


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