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St John, Kansas Campgrounds and RV Parks

The RV parks in John, Kan St. sas are both in and just outside the county, with most clustering north of town near Great Bend, and along Interstate 281. St. John is an idyllic Midwestern town with quaint city center, an outstanding public library, and vibrant naturalism only a few miles away. The Quivira National Wildlife Refuge is home to migratory waterfowl at different points throughout the year, with some large predatory raptors making their winter homes among the prairie and salt marsh of the refuge. For a bit of area history on the open plains of Kansas, head over to Fort Larned National Historic Site. In the 1800’s U.S. soldiers who were stationed here to protect the Santa Fe Trail were constantly under attack from Native Americans throughout the Indian Wars. North of St. John, KS is the town of Great Bend, which has a zoo and waterpark right next to each other, perfect for a day trip.

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