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About Indianapolis

Indianapolis RV parks and campgrounds near the city center tend to be towards the south and west of downtown. There’s an RV campground at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but if you follow the White River upstream to the south of the city, you’ll encounter more options. The Indy Lakes Campground and Lake Haven Retreat are both popular for their robust amenities as well as their close proximity to downtown.

If you’re looking to cool off and occupy the kids, drive on up to Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, which offers lots of rides and games along the Tippecanoe River. Brown County State Park and Morgan-Monroe State Forest draw thousands annually to their lakes, rivers, and their dense and diverse flora and fauna. And while there aren’t many RV campsites in these areas, there are plenty of options around the periphery.

Pay Lakes are a popular feature of the area, where anglers can try their luck at catching mostly catfish and the occasional bass. Access to these often small and shallow ponds can be obtained from the proprietors, and they provide fun for the whole family and a decent shot at actually catching something. The city of Southport is a hub for these properties, and the options multiply as you move further South and West from Indianapolis. Indiana Lakes are known to be well stocked with some of the largest catfish around!

The city of Indianapolis itself is a can’t-miss destination with plenty to offer the entire family and a broad range of interests. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is located at a bend in the White River, North of downtown, and the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion and Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park offers guests the chance to get outdoors in the middle of a major metro area. Be sure to check out the Funky Bones rock exhibit! Also in the area is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, while further downtown in the city center are a number of parks and museums for history buffs and those interested in the local culture.

No matter your pleasure, the diversity of campgrounds and RV parks in Indianapolis and the surrounding area has something for everyone!

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