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About Columbus

What the city lacks in resorts downtown, Columbus RV parks and campgrounds surrounding the region more than make up for it. And it’s really no wonder why folks choose the Columbus area for camping: it’s beautiful! Far from the city, Georgia and Alabama’s lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests draw thousands of RV enthusiasts year-round.

There is a lot to see and do around Columbus. History and military buffs should definitely stop by the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. Nearby, Fort Benning plays a huge role in the local economy as well as in the area’s history. Both are celebrated with film festivals, art exhibits, and a variety of other celebrations. (For those affiliated with the military, the Uchee Creek Army Campground is one of the area’s most popular spots for sleeping under the stars, and it’s only a short drive to town, north along the Chattahoochee River.)

Students of history will also enjoy the Columbus Black History Museum and Archives, the Columbus Museum, and the National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus. For those who don’t know, the Civil War was also fought at sea, and the museum provides a glimpse into the role the navies of both sides played in the war between the states.

One of the most popular spots for day and weekend trips is a few minutes north of town at Pine Mountain. Here, FD Roosevelt State Park draws thousands annually to its lake, waterfalls, trails, and Georgia pine trees, as well as the former residence of the Park’s namesake: the multi-term, handi-capable President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his famous FDR pool. To the south of Columbus is Providence Canyon State Park, which offers hiking and trails in an environment that looks like it belongs in Utah. You can’t miss the multi-colored rock formations dotted with pines.

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