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About Bakersfield

Bakersfield is all about oil and orange groves. Located at the southern tip of the massive San Joaquin Valley, the city has played a critical role both for what grows in the ground and for what is trapped beneath it. On the surface the land is flat and unremarkable, but the soil is some of the best in the world, and what grows in and around the city of Bakersfield feeds America all year long. Even if you aren’t a history buff, a visit to the Kern County Museum is a good idea if only to learn about the impact this region has on the country.

Unlike most major metros, there are campgrounds and RV parks in Bakersfield proper, as well as on the outskirts of town. One of the most popular is the Orange Grove RV Park, where guests set up camp in the middle of...you guessed it, an orange grove.

What Bakersfield may lack in natural beauty it more than makes up for by being one of the best locations to kick off a tour of Central and Southern California. This is not to suggest that Bakersfield is unattractive, because it most certainly is not. But when you’re surrounded by Southern California’s mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, and forests, it’s tough to compare. If you’re looking for campgrounds in Southern California, Bakersfield is front and center for the best of the area’s many RV destinations.

Because of its location, visitors to Bakersfield have day or weekend trips always within reach. Want to visit the ancient Sequoias but only have a day to do it? Bakersfield. Want to visit the seaside hamlets of the central coast, like Pismo Beach, Morro Bay or San Simeon but only have a day or two? Bakersfield. Need a good place to rest between Las Vegas and San Francisco? B-B-B-Bakersfield!

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