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About Parker

Right alongside the Colorado River, Parker, Arizona is home to some of Arizona's most beautiful beach days. The Parker Strip, the 16-miles of the river that the city sits adjacent to, is perfect for renting a para-sail, boat or inner tube and taking a nice easy float down stream. Aside from the river, the city is teeming with activities. Most visitors enjoy the Emerald City Golf Course and the mining ghost towns of neighboring city, Swansea. Explore dusty, abandoned saloons and restaurants while learning about the Colorado River Indian Tribes at the CRIT Museum. Visitors can also test their luck at the Bluewater Resort and Casino, home to Wakeboard Island, a wakeboard park within the resort. Ready to go camping? Parker has several RV parks and resorts, many that cater to families and more of the luxury-seeking camper. The Bluewater RV Resort and Sandbar Resort are two popular ones, but go ahead and explore the other parks. They are all clean with modern amenities and friendly staff. You'll definitely enjoy your stay in this small, riverside town.

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