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Become an RV Host

The RV and camping industry is booming - contributing over $100 Billion to the US economy in the last year alone. With demand on the rise, there’s a unique opportunity to make connections while generating more income by renting parking spaces on extra land or unused driveways while providing accommodating experiences.

The first step is making your property available. RoverPass offers all hosts the opportunity to be included in our extensive online marketplace.

Marketplace Benefits

As the largest database of bookable campgrounds, opting into our marketplace means your campground’s reach, visibility, traffic, bookings, and revenue have the potential to increase drastically with almost no effort on your end!
No setup cost
for campgrounds
Access to reservations for RoverPass users searching for parks in your area
No discounts, fees, or gimmicks. Campers pay your actual rates
Provide campers with the convenience of booking online
Easily accept or reject requests by email
Get more reservations by accessing our users and site traffic
24/7 access to the RoverPass world-class customer support team
Have access and be seen on all our partner’s directories
Join the Marketplace

How it Works for You

How it works for campers

Campers can search our marketplace for campgrounds in your area.
They’ll see a detailed view of your campground that includes your: location, prices, customer rating, and whether they can instantly book a reservation & select their own site!
Campers can Request a Reservation at your campground once you set up your Instant Book button. You’ll receive a notification of either a confirmed booking or reservation request that you can choose to either accept or reject.


How much room do I need to provide to host?
RV's vary in size from small pull-behind trailers attached to a small SUV, all the way up to Class A 36 foot-plus RVs like the one Robert De Niro drove in the movie Meet the Fockers. Since you'll be able to decline reservations based on RV sizes you can choose what works for your space.

That said, you want to provide enough room to where your guest feels like they have their own space. Some guests have awnings attached to their vehicle and put foldable chairs and a table out. Others bring their own tents to pitch to lounge in, and some might have a hammock to hang. Our guests are also ones who are visiting the destination for a few days so more than likely they'll be out and about during their stay.

What kind of information will I receive with the reservation request?
Before confirming the reservation, you'll get their name along with their party size and RV rig information. After confirming, you'll get their contact information to start communicating with them.
What if I just want to host a few times a year?
That's totally fine! Our platform can block out certain dates or entire months that don't work for you.
How can I maximize my earnings?
The better your hosting, the more you can increase your nightly rate. For example, if you install an electricity RV hookup, then you can start charging a higher nightly rate. Or perhaps you want to have a picnic table with some shade. Any amenities you add can help you justify a higher nightly rate. We encourage to get into it and have some fun!


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