RoverPass Online
General Store

Easily setup your campground's very own online store

The RoverPass Online General Store is your center for all monetary transactions that happen for your campground. Upsell campers, bundle store items with reservations and earn more revenue per booking today. All done virtually from your online dashboard.
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Process all of your campground store, office, and cafe sales with the power of the My Store feature - then easily calculate exactly how much revenue a reservation generated for you.

Campground staff can use the My Store feature on-the-go, on both mobile and tablet devices for camp store sales - No longer are you tied down to your office computer to make transactions!
The My Store feature is built for intuitive use. See how easy it is to take advantage of this key feature to start monetizing your properties today.

Search and select items your campers want to purchase and add to their reservation on the Product List.

Control item quantities, view purchase totals, and attach to existing reservations with the My Store Shopping Cart.

View and Search for Available Products Listing in Your Store

Each product/item sold at your campground will have a Product Card with the following information:
Product Name - Displayed in the bottom section of the product card
Price - Displayed right above the product name
Image - Displayed at the top of the product card
Availability - The availability status of a product will be displayed as a grayed out card with a "Hidden" label at the top
In-Product Help - Ask a question and a message will be sent to our team immediately

Add New Products to Your Store

Select “Add New Product,” fill in your product’s info, and select “Create Product” to add any product you want to show in My Store. It’s that simple.
To save you time, the RoverPass Online General Store Products feature comes preloaded with a set of common items our customers already sell!

Edit existing products

You can change details of any product, including Name, SKU Number, Description, Fulfillment Instructions, Price, and Availability. This allows you to stay on top of the items that are selling and the items that aren’t.

Remove Products from Your Store

No longer selling an item? Easy. RoverPass Products allows you to delete products from your ‘My Store’ without losing any of that item’s sales history. Make room for only the items that are earning your campground revenue!

Payment History

The RoverPass Online General Store enables you to access your most valuable sales information with consolidated reporting. Answer questions like, “What are my best selling products?” or, “How much money is this reservation really making me?”

Checkout Process

Ready to check out your camper? Process payment via credit card, cash, or check. Once the transaction is successful, you can give your guest a printed receipt or send one via email. Now that’s convenient!

Ready to start earning more revenue per booking?