Fallbrook RV Resort

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3102 Fallbrook Drive, Houston, TX, 77038

Fallbrook RV Resort is located in the bustling Texas metropolis of Houston, and is in the perfect spot for an authentic southern vacation. Many travelers visit this campground to enjoy some of the area's iconic attractions, such as the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the zoo, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Space Center and the Downtown Aquarium. For the outdoor enthusiast, there's Kemah Boardwalk, Discovery Green, Terry Hershey Park, Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park, Buffalo Bayou Park and the Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens. For history buffs, the area just beyond the campground is filled with historic and cultural sites, including the San Jacinto Monument, USS Texas, the Houston Museum District, and the Health Museum. Of course, there's a long list of excellent art galleries, breweries, golf courses, shopping areas, bars and restaurants for the urban adventurer to enjoy. Whatever you like to do, you'll find near the campground! Amenities at the park include: WIFI, full hookups, big rig access, a recreation room, pool access, water, sewerage, laundry facilities, restrooms and showers. Hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 12/12/2019

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Laundry Facilities

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Fitness Room

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3102 Fallbrook Drive, Houston, TX, 77038
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Overall Rating: 2.8

Carla Molhoek

Although this trailer park is gated, it is located in a rough part of Houston, which we were not aware of when we booked the reservation, two of the nine evenings we were there, we heard gunshots. Also the trailer park host was incredibly rude. We won’t be staying here again and I don’t recommend the trailer park to anyone else!

Eric Marlowe

Normally don't care to much about other folks issues, but yesterday shows how horrible this park is even more so than what was thought. A park is shown by how it is run and this place ain't runned. The management team was yelling and screaming at these people trying to move and the Shawna the lady that is suppose to run the joint blocked the tow truck driver and played on her phone in the car like a damn kid. Total absurdity, I say. The people told her and her husband to many damn times to leave them alone and her and her husband Paul kept interupting them and the tow truck driver and would not let them leave. This had been brewing for a while, as folks at the park said they been scheming to get rid of the man, for the day cleaner to get her husband a job. Must be some shit to get spouses to work with you. The day cleaner was the laziest bitch ever, pardon my french. They all kept getting the night cleaner to do all of the job duties for day cleaner. Good for him for standin up to them and quitting. To think they started the mess and called the cops on the couple when it was them that was crazy acting. Guess they didn't like the fact he wasn't putting up with their shit no more.


This place is great if you are a drug addict, thief, or have multiple felonies and are hiding from the police. The park is nice but the people are not. The lady manager reminds me of an oompa loompa and her husband is creepy/scary (He looks through peoples RV windows at night). Renters beware- nightly gun shots, people driving crazy (1 person ran over someone), if you are renting an RV watch out-- things will start to come up missing. They do not do proper background checks on their employees!

Haley Danielle

More like a trailor park than a resort , the people behind us were always loud late nights , the dog walk was right near a highway and there was absolutely no fence up around it which made it very unnerving to go alone at night , rvs r to close to each other, and the people who I guess r long term stayers were very very rude and always starred at you which made our stay very uncomfortable , you didn't get a gate key unless you were here for a month or longer , which makes no sense, dogs were allowed to roam where ever off leashes, which made me uncomfortable walking my dog , and the advertisements showed much more of a variety of ammentitues than there actually was, and you weren't allowed to have your dog near pond or lake area , which is bull crap because when you want to take a breather while walking your dog or even just to enjoy the waterfall , you cannot do because dogs aren't allowed , but yet dogs can be off leashes roaming the park without there owner, dumpsters stayed full could barely get our trash in them without having to stuff get up close to it and stuff ur trash in it so it didn't make a mess on the ground , it could have been way better,

Sadie Miller

This place feels a little like a neighborhood more than a campsite or a park. Regardless we had a really nice stay. We decided to stay in our RV for the night and were very happy on the campsite we chose. It was at a great place in the back. It does seem like everything has been renovated recently. There have been a lot of updates recently and it’s really nice! The prices are great for what they have to offer and it’s actually fair comparatively to other parks. The utilities didn’t smell bad and were decently clean. Overall we had a great stay and don’t think we wouldn’t chose a lot of other places. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Castix Rv

High rent trailer park, not a resort. This place has gone so far downhill in the last month! I don't recommend it. I guess it was good when we moved in because it was so new. Now I refuse to use the facilities because they are dirty. Ifound feces in a shower one day. The pool stays dirty and the hot tub is green and has so much chlorine that it bleached my bathing suit after one time! Kids 5 and under are allowed to drive golf carts around. The rec room is always full of unsupervised kids who are wrecking the place and breaking things. The popcorn is burned every time and the popcorn machine is a fire hazard due to old oil being left in it and burned. The quiet hours are never adhered to and the pool has kids in it every night during adult only swim times. This park is being run into the ground. People are allowed to walk around with dogs off leash and some dogs are left unattended tied up under trailers. September 2015, I gave 5 stars. Clean and level. Just got here so I may update this. The advertisements showed more amenities. I would have come here even with what is available. The laundry facility had some issues. Half of the machines wouldn't accept my card. It took forever to dry my clothes because the machine would only accept my card for 10 minutes at a time. Showing the other resort's fire pits and cooking areas to make this one look better seems like false advertisement. They are here and well cared for but they are a hike from some sites. The work out equipment is limited and there are no free weights. I would not have sold so much of my own things before coming here had I received an accurate picture of the amenities. The dog walk just leads outside the fence where there is no protection from the strays. A home owner across the creek has a big dog on a small chain that always seems like it may break free. I don't use the dog walk because of this. It would be nice if the dog walk area had some more fencing added to make it more of a dog run where dogs can be off leash or at least protected from strays outside the property.