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Revenue Management Consulting

Fractional revenue management for a fraction of the price.

Get the most out of your property

If you’re a new campground owner, an existing owner looking to improve performance before selling your property, or just a savvy campground owner who wants to see your park succeed, then you are ready for revenue management.
Get major insights on improving your park’s performance in areas like: digital marketing & promotions, pricing optimization, occupancy forecasting & maximization, competitive landscape analysis, customer satisfaction & retention, and much more!

Topics Covered

Topics Covered


Use the powerful RoverPass solutions you love to help you boost the metrics that matter!

Customized insights and solutions for Better Campground Management.
Customized insights and solutions for Better Campground Management.
Customized insights and solutions for Better Campground Management.
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Step Two

Based on your individual needs, you can enroll in our comprehensive Revenue Management Course.

The course is currently not accepting new candidates. However, you can still receive coaching directly.
  • Designed to cover what you need to know for fast, actionable results
  • Each section comes with a syllabus & workbook to help you get the most out of the lessons
  • Take at your own pace
If you need ongoing consulting, you can hire your coach on a fractional basis.
They will further analyze your park’s historical performance and immediately review any enhancements you can make. Your coach will benchmark your campground compared to the industry as a whole and your immediate competitive landscape, show you how you compare, then go over specific goals, expectations, and opportunities to improve performance. Custom packages starting at $199/mo.

Step Three

After implementing, executing, and testing the strategies your coach made for your park, they’ll help you fine-tune those strategies to keep growing your business and improve your guest’s experience along the way.
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