Safari RV Park

2935 Calder Drive #84, League City, TX, 77573

The Safari RV Park is located in the breathtaking League City, Texas and is a great spot for an authentic southern vacation. Campers can look forward to Clear Lake, Butler Longhorn Museum, Dr. Ned and Fay Dudney Clear Creek Nature Center and the West Bay Common School Children's Museum. Theres also Helen's Garden for great picnicking, sunset viewing and stargazing, and even more great attractions in neighboring Houston. Some camper favorites are: the Kemah Boardwalk, Bayou Wildlife Park, Armand Bayou Nature Center and the area's long list of wineries, bars, small craft eateries and larger fine dining spots. Amenities at the park include: pool access, recreation room, water, big rig access, pull thrus, restrooms, showers, sewerage, WIFI and 30/50 amp sites. Hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

RV Sites

RV sites feature pool access, recreation room, water, big rig access, pull thrus, restrooms, showers, sewerage, WIFI and 30/50 amp hookups. Sites are just a short drive from local attractions like Clear Lake, Butler Longhorn Museum, Dr. Ned and Fay Dudney Clear Creek Nature Center and the West Bay Common School Children's Museum. Theres also Helen's Garden for great picnicking, sunset viewing and stargazing, and even more great attractions in neighboring Houston.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
RV Sites $32.00 $150.00 $310.00 See More

Pet Policy

House pets are welcome when kept on a leash (with owner) and cleaned up after.

Rules & Regulations Agreement

SAFARI MOBILE HOME COMMUNITY, INC. & RV PARK R.V. RULES AND REGULATIONS Please be sure that you read and understand each and every one of the rules listed below. THIS AGREEMENT DOES NOT CREATE A LANDLORD / TENANT RELATIONSHIP 1. All guests must register on arrival. All SITE SERVICES FEES are due in advance. For daily/weekly stays: Late Fee of $5.00 per day begins on the 2nd day payment is late. For monthly stays: Initial late fee of $25.00 begins on the 5th of each month. (Example: Fee is due on Jan. 1, if not paid by Jan. 4, late charge is due beginning Jan. 5, at 9 AM). Late fee increases by $5.00 per day on the 6th day, for every day that rent is late. (Example: If fee is not paid until the 9th, late fee is $45.00.) If fee is not paid by the 10th of the month, utilities may be discontinued until payment is made. Monthly guests will be charged for electric usage (metered), charges are whatever the electric company is currently charging the Property. 2. All rates are based on 1 or 2 person occupancy. For guests, visiting overnight, or additional persons in your party, there is an additional of charge of $2.00 per person, per day, $10 per person per week, or $25 per person per month. 3. Check out time is 1 PM. Guests wishing to stay longer must make arrangements by 11 AM, otherwise the management reserves the right to rent the space after that time. 4. Speed limit is 10 m.p.h. throughout the Community. Please make certain that your visitors understand. 5. Children must ride bicycles in the street (not through other spaces - including empty lots). Absolutely NO ball playing (of any kind), or Frisbee’s, permitted on the lots or in the streets (such games must be taken to the play field area). Children are not allowed to play on any sand, dirt, stone, etc., piles that the Park may have on the property for repair purposes. Children are also not permitted to access the Facilities of the Park without parental supervision. 6. Guests are directly responsible for any damage or loss of Park Property, by themselves, their children, or their visitors; and will be expected to make immediate restitution for same. This could also be cause for eviction. 7. The Management reserves the right to remove any Guest who fails to pay the rent when due, or who willfully violates any of the Park rules and regulations. The Park reserves the right to remove the unit and all possessions of the Guest from the Park, and store same, all at the Guest’s expense, until full restitution is made. 8. THEFT OF SERVICES LAW According to TEXAS PENAL CODE SECTION 31:04, a person commits theft of service if, with intent to avoid payment for service that the actor knows is provided only for compensation, the actor intentionally or knowingly secures the performance of the service by agreeing to provide compensation and, after the service is rendered, fails to make full payment after receiving notice demanding payment. “Intent to avoid payment” is presumed if the actor absconded without paying for the service or expressly refused to pay for the service in circumstances where payment is ordinarily made immediately upon rendering of the service, as in recreational vehicle parks. That is: Any guest who leaves without paying for site services or who refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution. We are providing service hook-ups for your RV. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any violations under the “Theft of Services Law”. 9. Bucket washing of RV’s, cars, or trucks, is permitted at a charge of $5.00 for each vehicle washed. Use hose with a shut off for rinsing only. Please conserve water. 10. NO OVERHAULING OR REPAIRING OF CARS (OR TRUCKS) IN PARK. Oil changes are not permitted on property. NO VEHICLES ON JACKS OVERNIGHT. 11. NO STORAGE UNDER THE RV PERMITTED. Toys and tools must be stored when not in use. Only furniture specifically designed for outside, is allowed outside the unit. ALL ITEMS MUST BE SECURED IN THE EVENT OF A STORM. NO LAUNDRY LINES PERMITTED 12. NO Guest, or visitor, may conduct any commercial business, occupation, or profession, in the Park. Solicitation is not permitted. 13. ALL EXTENDED STAY R.V.’s must elevate cables, cords, & hoses (i.e.: sewer, water, cable, telephone, satellite cable, etc.); and tie (or tape) them together (up off of the ground), to protect them from possible damage by lawn mowers, weedeaters, spraying, etc. Running everything through a section of PVC would work great. The park will not be responsible for damage done to units who do not take precautions. 14. NO refrigerator, or electrical appliances, are allowed, outside of the unit. DO NOT run a/c while doors or windows are open. DO NOT leave TV’s, light’s, or radio’s on when no on is at home. 15. DO NOT change your assigned site without office O.K. Two vehicles per space are permitted. There is a $20.00 charge for each additional vehicle, and Management will assign a parking space. DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR, OR VISITORS CAR, ON ANY EMPTY SITE. DO NOT PARK ON GRASS. NO BOATS or TRAILERS STORED ON LOTS. TRASH should be in garbage bags, tied shut, and put in dumpster’s (Household garbage ONLY) NO FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, ETC. 16. NO Guest may rent or lease their RV unit while on Park premises. 17. PETS We will accept a small house cat and/or a house dog (not more than 20#). PETS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES AND CAN NOT BE TIED OUT- SIDE WHEN YOU LEAVE THE PARK. YOU MUST CLEAN UP YOUR PETS EXCREMENT, IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT WALK YOUR PET IN YOUR NEIGHBOR’S LOT. PETS MUST BE INSIDE UNIT EXCEPT WHEN BEING EXERCISED ON A LEASH. 18. Motorcycles prohibited except to come and go from the Park. NO “joy riding”. No unliscensed motorized vehicles (4-wheelers, motorbikes, etc.) permitted to operate within the park. No vehicles with expired inspection or registration. No non-running vehicles permitted to be stored. 19. Management reserves the right to switch any RV to another lot. 20. Any request for extra help from any Park employee must be done through the OFFICE and there may be a fee. Messages will be delivered at our earliest convenience. 21. COMPLAINTS to the Management by any Guest must be in writing, dated, & signed. 22. WEAPONS / FIRE WORKS of any type (firearms, projectile, blades, etc.) are not permitted to be displayed, cleaned, set-off, and/or used on park property (they must be kept/maintained within the confines of your unit, out of sight of your neighbors and their children). FIREWORKS are illegal. 23. The Park reserves the right to waive, or change, any rule or regulation. 24. This is PRIVATE PROPERTY: violation of these Park rules, violation of Federal or State Laws, or local ordinances, or generally anti-social behavior, drunkenness, loud talk, profanity, immoral conduct, etc., will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to enforce our rules and to refuse to register undesirable guests. Violators of these rules will be asked to leave the Park immediately, without a refund. According to TEXAS PENAL CODE SECTION 30.05, a person commits an offense if the person enters or remains on or in property of another, including a recreastional vehicle park, without effective consent and the person had notice that the entry was forbidden, or received notice to depart but failed to do so. That is, any guest who received notice to leave and refuses to do so may be subject to criminal prosecution. If we ask you to leave, you must vacate Safari’s property. We will prosecute any violations under the “CRIIMINAL TRESPASS LAW”. DISTURBING NOISE IS NOT PERMITTED QUIET TIME IS FROM 10 PM UNTIL 7 AM INDEMNITY AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Customer shall indemnify and hold Park, it’s Officers, Owners, Management and Employees, harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, costs and expenses,causes of action, and/or liability including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from any and all damages or injuries caused by fire, water, wind, civil strife, or acts of God, owner and/or customer actions or inactions (or those of their employees, agents, or invitees), or any other related to Customer’s use or occupation of the RV site, Park property, and/or any condition thereon, without limit and without regard to the cause or causes thereof or the negligence of Park parties.. As a customer of Safari Mobile Home Community, Inc., I fully understand and accept these rules, and agree to vacate the premises at the request of management if I violate these rules and regulations, without a refund of any prepaid fees. This agreement does not constitute a landlord / tenant agreement. Payment for sites is entirely for services rendered under a host / guest arrangement.

Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups

Gasoline Nearby

Community Restrooms

Dump Station

Sewer Hookups

Pet Friendly

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50 Amps

Picnic Table

30 Amps

Historic Sightseeing

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2935 Calder Drive #84, League City, TX, 77573
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