Lazy L&L Campground

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11699 River Road, New Braunfels, TX, 78132

Lazy L&L is situated on 25 acres with beautiful river frontage in a scenic Texas Hill Country setting. With plenty of primitive “overflow” area, you'll never see a "no vacancy" sign on the gate. Enjoy camping along the river, trying your luck at fishing, floating down the river, and so much more. Visit and see why people have been going to Lazy L&L since 1972!

Last Updated: 08/13/2022

11699 River Road, New Braunfels, TX, 78132
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Overall Rating: 1.0

May Humphrey

Today I went to l and l with my own tubes. I pulled in and told them we had 3 people and would just like to park and pay for put in with a shuttle back. The lady and older gentleman told us there was no parking so we would have to park in the back in overflow. We paid our $40 and she said drive all the way down the road until all we saw was grass. She gave us wristbands and said to make sure we write them to get picked up. She told us to get in the river down the stairs and we would see the l and l sign in the river to get off at. We got there at 3 and immediately got in. Never was it mentioned to us that we had to be back at a certain time or that there were other locations on the river that we could get out at and we were not provided any kind of map. We had a great day on the river and we're constantly looking for this elusive sign to exit. At 7 it started getting dark and we started to worry that we had missed it. We did not stop at all on the river we just ride it straight. From 7pm we were paddling the whole time because it kept getting darker and darker and we were afraid we would really miss the sign as we had no light. We ride rapids and got lots of cuts and bruises in the dark. When we finally made it to the sign, we used the phone there to call for the pickup that we had already paid for. When the van arrived to pick us up, we were greeted by an already Angry cop telling us we had to pay more for this pickup and a confused employee asking us why we had purple wristbands on if we went camping. We told him that's what they have us when we arrived even though we made it clear we were not staying there night and we just wanted parking and put in with shuttle service. We got in the van and ride back where we were rudely met by Roland, he told us we were required to pay an additional 27 dollars because we were late and we had paid for camping not put in and shuttle. My boyfriend attempted to go and get the cat and being it to the front so that we could show them our receipt and car sticker that we had been given at the entrance, the cop blocked his path and told him that we were not allowed into the campground because we were not camping there (even though they kept arguing with us that camping is what we paid for). Not until we agreed to pay the money did they allow us to retrieve our car and the cop told my brother and I that we had to stay with him while the car was brought up. I told them that this wasn't fair that we were having to pay for a service twice and that I would never be coming to their campground again. After 10 minutes of standing there waiting for our car Roland said that he would give us a discount, I told him it wasn't a discount when we had already paid for the service. He said I should shut my mouth or he wouldn't give the discount. I told him that I have the right to free speech, there cop replied that I was on private property and did not have that right. He said he would call the cops and I could pay it that way. They never asked our story and whenever we tried to explain to them that we were just doing what the employees in the day had told us to do, they seemed to think we were lying. No mention of what we had gone through being on the river in the pitch black dark having no idea where we were, all they cared about was money they were note owed and is shutting up. Please do not go here. They are awful people that do not care about people And are conducting unlawful business practices