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Custer, South Dakota might be one of the most unique cities in the state. It is situated directly in Custer State Park, which bumps up against Wind Cave National Park. The town is one of the oldest in the state. Upon visiting you can take in the gorgeous views of the park, while learning about the mining community, which still exists. There are several Custer RV parks and campgrounds in the area, so you can enjoy your stay.

Custer State Park is South Dakota’s first state park, making it the oldest, as well as the largest. It is named after the famous Col. George Armstrong Custer. Among the elk, deer, goats, sheep and mountain lions, nearly 1,500 bison roam in the park. Inside the park are numerous Custer RV Parks – French Creek RV Park-Campground and Custer Crazy Horse Campground.

Wind Cave National Park is the first cave to be ever made a park. Beautiful calcite formations, or boxwork, are the stars of the cave and park. The cave is also a 3D maze cave, known for its frost work. In addition, the park contains a breathtaking prairie.

Custer is also situated near some of the nation’s most famous destinations, including Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Updated November 7, 2016

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