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About Ocala

Ocala RV parks and campgrounds are located in and around the city, but cluster around the Silver Springs area and along I-75. This spot in Central Florida is a popular basecamp for folks planning to tour the rest of the state. But the Ocala metro area itself has plenty to see and do to keep everyone entertained, and some of the best camping in Florida is in this part of the state.

Ocala finds itself at the crossroads of the RV center of the universe. Florida has tons of RV parks and RV enthusiasts, many of whom live the dream year-round. Located in the center of the state, there’s relatively easy access to areas like Orlando, Tampa Bay, even Jacksonville, and the panhandle. Either coast is an easy day trip, and the benefit of being outside of other major metros means that Ocala is in closer proximity to much of what rural Florida has to offer in terms of natural attractions.

A favorite local spot to set up camp is at one of the many springs in Ocala National Forest. Juniper Springs Recreation Area and Salt Springs Recreation Area are among the more popular, but the park has lots of roads, trails, lakes, and forest to explore. Silver River State Park is another popular spot for getting outdoors near Ocala, where the state’s first tourist attraction, Silver Springs, still welcomes visitors to the magic of Florida today. Also nearby is the Silver Springs Amusement Park known as Wild Waters Water Park, and the Silver River Museum and Environmental Education Center.

Ocala is more than just a stop on the way to more popular attractions, and has some of the best camping in Florida, and some of the more interesting sights and attractions that most folks will drive right past. Don’t be like most folks, visit an Ocala RV park and don’t miss out!

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