Wandering Oaks RV Resort

1860 West Highway 326, Ocala, FL, 34475

Located on 1860 W Highway 326 in Ocala, FL lies the Wandering Oaks RV Resort. This RV park includes electricity. This site is open all year.

100 Amps

50 Amps

1860 West Highway 326, Ocala, FL, 34475

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Overall Rating: 5.0

Denise Williams

This place is really an oasis and very luxurious. The staff welcomed us like family and really treated us well. There was a lot of great sites to choose from that had all the amenities we could need and were spacious. There were some really great activities that got a lot of people together and everyone had a great and relaxing time. The location was beautiful as there were a lot of beautiful views from all around and also many great places to visit that were nearby. Overall we had a very lovely time here and can’t wait to get back as it didn’t cost much at all.