Hooves N Wheels RV Park

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4128 Granbury Highway, Weatherford, TX, 76087

Hooves N Wheels RV Park is located in the beautiful town of Weatherford, Texas and is a great spot for a fun and relaxing southern escape. Campers can look forward to plenty of wide open spaces for stretching out and exploring, and horseback riding, hiking, biking, sunset viewing and stargazing. With beautiful stables and gorgeous stalls and acres upon acres of riding, it's every equestrian's dream. Amenities at the park include: WIFI, water, sewer, electricity, laundry facilities, 20/30/50 amp hookups, horse haulers-covered stalls, round pens, a recreation room, kitchen, laundry facilities, showers and restrooms. The park is in a relatively remote location, so be sure to bring everything you'll need fir a fun and easy-going escape. Hope to see you soon! 

Last Updated: 07/16/2022

4128 Granbury Highway, Weatherford, TX, 76087
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Overall Rating: 2.5

Nancy Smith

Called Hooves n Wheels home for over a year while I was in the area for work. Wonderful park. Large dog park which my pups really loved. Respectful and professional manager and staff.

You Know

Oct 2019- Moved my 5th wheel travel trailer to Hooves and Wheels RV park in Weatherford, TX. I'm quiet, stay to myself for the most part, keep my area clean and pay on time. My trailer is right by the office, so I hear and see everything. Things were great for a while… then: March 2020- New office manager- Kristina McKelvey March 14, 2020- Wifi wasn't working. I contacted the office. A range extender was connected to the router so I located the IP and gave it to her. She contacted the provider to block the device and wifi was working just fine. July 20, 2020- Water is off in the entire park. August 22, 2020- New owner of the park- Ted Williamson. Kristina McKelvey is still office manager. August 24, 2020- Someone moved into the spot next to me from a different spot within the park. His [gasoline] truck has an adjustable tuner and exhaust that is unnecessarily loud and wakes surrounding visitors up, as he works odd hours and leaves in the middle of the night. I made several complaints only to be told "nothing we can do" or "I'll talk to him". I even asked her why no one else had complained when he was at the previous spot and she said, “Well, they were probably too scared to complain.” His girlfriend at the time briefly worked in the office part time, but moved away in May or June. Nothing is done. Being in a rv park close quarters with other visitors, it would be acceptable to have a rule of 'no loud exhausts' (obviously not pertaining to diesels). She has stated multiple times she can't stand him, she'll roll her eyes when he's walking towards her, etc. Sept 14, 2020- Water is off in the park Sept 20, 2020- Water is off in the park Oct 27, 2020- Water is off Nov 3, 2020- Water is off Nov 5, 2020- Water is still off Jan 26, 2021- Water is off Feb 4, 2021- Water is off Feb 15, 2021- (During freezing weather across TX) During cold months, they emphasize if WE do not properly prepare and protect our water hookups/connections and it causes it to freeze and damage, then WE are held responsible for any damage or repairs. Water is off. Feb 18, 2021- Water is still off. Received mass text that the water will be shut off for another 3 days. *BEGIN TEXT CONVERSATION* (After reading the mass text) Me: By Sunday? So another few days? Hopefully everyone will be receiving a week credit for this. Kristina: Nope, no credit. Why would we give a credit when it's not a park issue??? Kristina: We don't control the weather. We are lucky to even have power at this point. There are still millions of people all across the state without park. (Meant power*) Me: There's no way to control the weather but there are ways to prepare for it. Kristina: If you're not happy with this park then you need to move! Kristina: I'm done replying. You've been given the information just as everyone else has. *END TEXT CONVERSATION* Feb 18, 2021- Called Weatherford KOA to try to get in touch with Ted Williamson in regards to unprofessional response from Kristina. He owns both parks. Left a message and never heard back. Feb 22, 2021- Asked about my monthly site fee and why it increased by $25. NO NOTICE & NO WARNING of site fee increases were sent out via text (usual method of notices) or posted ANYWHERE in the park. I asked another long term customer and he didn't receive a notice either and said they were probably hoping we wouldn't notice. *BEGIN TEXT CONVERSATION* Me: Why all of a sudden did my monthly fee go from $425 to $450? Kristina: It's not all of sudden. Rent increased in January for everyone. *END TEXT CONVERSATION* Feb 22, 2021- Called the other park again to try to get in touch with Ted. Left a message. Feb 24, 2021- MORNING- Wifi is not working and brought it to Kristina's attention. (Possibly a range extender connected to the network as it's happened before) *BEGIN TEXT CONVERSATION* Me: Wifi hasn't been working since about 2pm yesterday. Can we please fix this? Kristina: I can have nextlink reset the routers but that's all that can be done. *PAUSE TEXT CONVERSATION* AFTERNOON- (in between text conversation with Kristina about the wifi) Called Weatherford KOA again. Got directed to "Lance". I sent him screenshots, explained the situation and he agreed she was out of line.He said he'd have the owner contact me. *RESUME TEXT CONVERSATION* Me: Wifi is still intermittent. Kristina: Unfortunately there's nothing else that can be done. You're only other option is to have your own service connected. That's what several people have done in the park. Me: I'm not the only one on this side of the park that's having issues with the wifi. Kristina: you're on the tree line. That affects the signal strength. Nextlink has been out several times in the last month. There is nothing else that can be done. I don't know how else I can say it... many people on that side of the park have their own service. There's nothing that we or nextlink can do about the park WiFi signal. Me: Your lack of professionalism is appalling. Kristina: Someone mentioning a week worth of credit for weather related outages across an entire state is also appalling. Someone who says they are going to put sugar in another residents gas tank is appalling and illegal! *** Kristina: Just that statement alone gives us the right to ask you to leave the park. Kristina: You're walking on very thin ice. *END TEXT CONVERSATION* Wifi was great until the past couple days, but she blamed the treeline. ***In reference to her comment: On Jan 13, 2021, I needed a ride to pick up my car from the mechanic shop a few miles away and offered to pay Kristina to take me. She said, "You don't have to pay me." While en route to my car, I yawned and made a comment about being sleepy due to waking up in the middle of the night by my neighbor's loud truck. Jokingly, I said, "Sugar in the gas tank." (I got it from a movie and just blurted it out, as I often do with any kind of song lyrics, random tv/movie quotes, etc.) We both laughed and I assured her it was a joke and would never do anything like that. She agreed and said, "I know that! If you were going to actually do it, I doubt you would tell someone beforehand!" I NEVER said I WAS GOING TO nor did I imply that I had the slightest desire to do so. It was not a threat, conditional threat, warning, plan or anything to cause damage, It was obviously not meant to be a threat; seeing how this myth has been debunked for years. If she took it to be a threat, why did she wait until Feb 24, 42 days LATER to mention ANYTHING whatsoever about it? Feb 24, 2021- After receiving those messages from her, I contact Lance again and speak with him on the phone for one hour and 13 minutes regarding Kristina’s text messages and uncouth behavior towards a customer. Once again, he agreed and reassured me Ted Williamson would be contacting me very soon. Feb 25, 2021- Kristina sent out a mass text about wifi and possible range extender because someone else complained she was unable to connect to wifi. When I mentioned the wifi issues to her, the response I got was witty unnecessary comments, but someone else complains about it (that lives right next to me & good friends with Kristina) and a message gets sent out regarding the wifi signal and possible use of a range extender.Wifi is still not working. Feb 25, 2021- Called Lance and left a voicemail. I still haven't heard from the owner. Wifi is still not working. Feb 26, 2021- Tried to get ahold of Lance. Wifi is still not working. Feb 27, 2021- LATE AFTERNOON- Kristina knocked on my door. I open the door and she handed me a piece of paper. I take it, briefly glanced over it and she held up another piece of paper. Kristina: I need you to sign this one. Me: I'm not signing anything. Kristina: You have to. You have to sign this. I closed the door while she was demanding my signature and read the paper. IT IS AN EVICTION NOTICE. I complain about Kristina's customer service skills, or lack thereof, and rude behavior towards a customer and I GET EVICTED. PAPER: *BEGIN LETTER* TO: _______________ FROM: Kristina McKelvey, Park Manager Hooves N Wheels RV PARK DATE: February 27, 2021 2:36pm RE: Eviction from Property Due to your unhappiness with the park, its staff and its residents we believe it is best that you do not live at Hooves n Wheels. You have harassed residents and park employees’ multiple times, and this can no longer be tolerated. You have made threats of destroying your neighbor’s vehicle by placing sugar in their gas tank. This is against our rules and is the reason you are being asked to leave the park. Your current month stay is up on March 13, 2021. You are paid up until then. Please have all your belongings off the property by 12:00pm on March 13, 2021. Kristina McKelvey Park Manager Hooves N Wheels RV Park 4128 Granbury Hwy Weatherford, TX 76087 817-599-4686 *END LETTER* Again, if she thought of it as a threat, why did she wait 48 days (from Jan 13 to Feb 27) for this "eviction" due to this 'so called threat or so called harassment of residents or employees? Feb 28, 2021- Someone (I refuse to reveal their identity) sent me Ted Williamson's contact info. I sent Ted screenshots of the texts from Kristina. 6:00pm- I was outside my trailer with my laptop and Kristina walked towards me with a piece of paper. I said, “ I’m not signing anything.” She replied, “I’m not asking you to.” walked to my trailer and taped a piece of paper on my door and left. I pull it off and read it. PAPER: *BEGIN LETTER* EVICTION NOTICE To: _____________ [list each tenant who will be affected by this notice] The purpose of this letter is to ask you to LEAVE the premises now in your possession, situated in Weatherford, Parker [county], State of Texas and known as 4128 4128 Granbury Hwy, Weatherford, TX, 76087 together with the lot of land on which these premises are located. You are being asked to leave for the following reason: Threat to destroy another resident's personal property (putting sugar in Lot# 21's gas tank). Harassment of other residents, office staff and business owner. Your compliance with this notice within [3] days after its service will prevent any further eviction action against you. YOU ARE BEING ASKED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES. IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE, AN EVICTION ACTION MAY BE INITIATED AGAINST YOU. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT REGARDING YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS AS A TENANT, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU SEEK LEGAL ASSISTANCE. Yours respectfully, KRISTINA'S SIGNATURE Landlord's Signature KRISTINA for Ted Williamson Landlord's Printed Name 4128 Granbury Hwy Dated this 28 day of February *END LETTER*