Highland Bayou RV Park

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9210 Hwy 6, Hitchcock, TX, 77563

Last Updated: 10/24/2021

Pets Allowed

Laundry Facilities

Community Restrooms

Dump Station

Cable Hookups

50 Amps

30 Amps


9210 Hwy 6, Hitchcock, TX, 77563
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Overall Rating: 1.8

Pamela Pursley

Worst RV spot to park long term. The wife is rude and doesn't know how to talk people. Jimmy won't let you pay by credit card "to save you from paying hotel tax". I call BS. He's not claiming that income to the IRS, and the credit card machine leaves a money trail. Also, you can dispute charges threw your cc company and get your money back. And it is also my opinion that he has at least one Hitchcock police officer on retainer who is willing to come out to enforce non existent laws by intimidation. After 30 days in a motel in Texas you can claim residency, but Hitchcock police will tell you that it is against the law to stay in a motel longer than 30 days. My family had 2 trailer spots and a motel room for 6 months and chose to leave due to the fuckery continuously going on with the management. Not to mention, the wifi sucks and most of the inhabitants are on drugs. Jimmy is delusional, telling himself that he's helping you, by charging you a weekly rate, which ends up costing you way more in the end. No matter what he says, he is only out for himself. The motel rooms are disgusting and for $1200 a month you can't get clean towels or linens. The AC don't work properly and Jimmy either can't or won't fix anything. The washers and dryers are way too expensive and the heat is set too low to properly dry your clothes for a reasonable price. Just head the warning and don't spend your money here. Cuz if you leave on bad terms he will falsely accuse you of breaking something or damaging the property, and even seek a judgment against for damages and late fees that you do not owe and are not aware of.

John Doe

Not professional in any way..Jimmy can be very kind to other's but his wife is rude, disrespectful and screams at people on a regular basis & She's so hateful and mean spirited..this children are awesome

John Smith

Would never go back.. Very rude. Non accommodating, very argumentive. Wi Fi, cable sucks !! Mud from hell when it rains. They have had water leaks from underground and raised everyone's rent due to his negligence. Met some great people with the same complaints, and was never resolved by owner when it come to the internet, cable. Paying good money to get such attitude from these people. CROOKS !!

dean simmons

was there 3 years .ipaid my rent and idont dodrugs.the owner was always nice to me .if i had another rv i would park it there. if something breaks down he is always there to get fixed,the grounds are always kept up