Grandma's RV Camping

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159 Dawson Drive, Shepherdsville, KY, 40165

Located on 159 Dawson Drive in Shepherdsville, KY lies the Grandma's RV Camping. This RV park includes electricity. This site is open all year.

Last Updated: 04/03/2020

50 Amps

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159 Dawson Drive, Shepherdsville, KY, 40165
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Overall Rating: 3.0

Aliza H

Worst rv park we've ever stayed in and we live in our rv full time. Every person that works here is unbelievably rude. I emailed them to check availability because I called 4 times throughout the day and no one answered and they emailed back saying no available spots. About 12 hours later when we arrived and my husband asked for a spot they said sure of course. The spots are TINY barely room for two cars because of the poorly located tree they thought would be cute in the middle of a spot... well my car is covered in bird poop from said tree because the only place to fit my car is wedged up against the tree. There is also a randomly placed concrete pad which I thought was a car pad so I parked my small car on it. A week later some guy is banging on my door while I'm in the shower so I jump out put a robe on and open the door and he says you have to move your car right now before the concrete breaks! what? Also no apology for the fact that I was soaking wet and in a robe. In TX or OK no man would have continued to talk to me, they would have apologized and asked to speak to my husband when he is home. No manners. They say they have WiFi. THEY DON'T. Let me repeat. THEY DO NOT HAVE INTERNET. There are 2 $2 washers and 4 $1 dryers. Horribly inconvenient to have only 2 washers. They are rude about picking up mail, they are rude about where you park, they are rude about their lack of internet, and most importantly they are rude about pets. They say they are pet friendly. THEY AREN'T. We have a husky and to him it doesn't matter if you are in a 39 foot trailer or a 39 room mansion, he just wants to be outside. He doesn't bark, bite, or do much of anything actually, he basks in the sun and sleeps. And some lady banged on the side of the trailer at 6pm after the dog had been outside since 9am and said your dog can't be outside if you aren't. Mind you the door has been WIDE OPEN since 9am and I am sitting less than 5 feet from said door and can watch the dogs every move (of which there were few). Our neighbor got kicked out because their dog barked one single bark. Unbelievable. The office WREAKS of cigarettes, disgusting. They have signs posted throughout the park and laundry room with many misspelled rules, super embarrassing. UPDATE 6 DAYS LATER: Every morning I walk my dog up and down the rows which ended with the grass patch against a barbed wire fence which they called the "dog walk". Today dog & I left my rv, and the old man and his grandson were spraying pesticides on weeds directly outside our rv. I said hello and he glared at me. We got through 3 rows, looping back as we passed our own rv. The old grump approached me and said "you are NOT allowed to walk the dog in the park" to which I said, I am not allowed to walk my dog on the paved roadways in the park? How does that make any sense at all. He said your leash is longer than 5 ft and you aren't using the dog walk. I said, where does it say my leash can't be longer than 5 ft and as you can see I am on my way to the dog walk. He said dogs aren't allowed anywhere near the trees or bushes! (The park is literally covered in trees and dead bushes). He said don't you read the rules? I said the rules are plastered literally everywhere and they all say no dogs without a leash, no dogs left outside overnight, and clean up after your dog (as I hold a poop bag in hand). So I will not be buying a shorter leash because you said so, why don't you tell me to reel in my retractable leash instead of yell at me? At this point he called me a "F***ING B**CH" and to get the hell off the property. This is an old man in his late 70's. Who speaks like that to anyone let alone a young woman? Bottom feeder old man hillbillies. I called my husband at work to call our neighbor. Neighbor came over and asked me what happened and I told him and he said not 30 mins earlier I walked my dog (his dog is 3 times the size of mine and a tad unruly) the exact same loop through the park on a leash that is certainly longer than 5 ft and he didn't say a word to me. So he went over to talk to the old scrooge and you know what his response was? "DAMN RIGHT I CALLED HER A B**CH". I never finished my walk so I went back out to finish walking my dog and I came back and the old man was standing outside my rv. My intention was to ignore him. He yelled at me "I saw your dog piss on that tree!" I ignored. "Do you hear me you b**ch!?" I did not ignore. I yelled. He said tell your husband to get out here I said it is 11 AM on a Thursday he is obviously at work. And he said again to "get the hell off his property". My husband left work as I frantically packed the rv. Husband was not happy. Luckily he did not lay hand on the old man, mostly because he's so old one blow would've killed him and my husband doesn't need a murder charge. When husband DID confront him, old man had nothing to say! LOUISVILLE PLEASE GET MORE RV PARKS SO PEOPLE DON'T HAVE TO STAY HERE!

Rosa R Johnson

It's a small park about 65 sites, gravel sites, blacktop roads, nice FHU, WiFI, nice laundry room, reasonable rates. It is near our son who lives in Louisville. We have stayed here the past 3 yrs & usually stay at least a month (monthly rate was $400. & it included elec.) We will be there again in Nov.. They can accommodate big rigs. Pull thrus are long & so are backins, we prefer the backins when staying awhile as backins are a little wider than pull thrus. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group