Enota Mountain Retreat

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1000 Highway 180, Hiawassee, GA, 30546

Enota is the perfect mountain escape to spend time with your friends and family. Enota is a non-profit conservation facility committed to preserving our beautiful land with a number of accommodations including vacation rental cabins, full hook-up RV camping sites, pop-up and tent camping sites and a Retreat Center for conferences, groups, events and seminars. Enota is rated to be in the top 100 camping destinations in the country.

Are you looking for a big rig friendly campground in Hiawassee, GA? Then Enota Mountain Retreat located on 1000 Highway 180 might be the place for you. The site includes water, sewer, showers, electricity, laundry facilities. It's open all year.

Last Updated: 08/09/2022


Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
BASIC stream-side tent camping site $30.00

Maximum Length of Stay

We do not have a limit on amount of time a guest can stay as long as they pay the daily rate. We do not offer discounted monthly or yearly rates.

Vehicle Restrictions

We allow one car per site. Extra vehicles can be on site with an additional charge.

Cancellation Policy

We will give our guest a credit for their cancelled reservation for up to one year. Credits can be used any time except major holidays. We do not give refunds.

Deposit Policy

We require 50% deposit to secure your reservation and then the remaining balance 11 days prior to your reservation.

Pets Restrictions

We welcome all pets. Dogs must be kept on a leash while on the property.

General Store



Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Fire Ring / Grill

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups

Gasoline Nearby

Community Restrooms

RV Hookup

ADA Accessible


Sewer Hookups

Fire Pit

Pet Friendly

Slide Outs


50 Amps

Picnic Table

30 Amps



Historic Sightseeing



Rock Climbing

Scenic Drives


Swimming Outdoors

Big Rig Friendly


Family Friendly

Pet Friendly


1000 Highway 180, Hiawassee, GA, 30546
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Overall Rating: 2.7

Troy Lavender

Horrible management and the lady in the office, Linda?, is rude and talked over us. The road has craters and we dented the rim on our camper. The facilities haven't had repairs in years. Apparently no money is going back into the place but they nickel and dime everything. 20 dollars just for us to have a visitor for the day. There was a guy that works there creeping around early in the morning as if he was a peeping Tom. He would never speak to us during the day....please get new staff.

Amanda Guerrero

I have no idea how anyone would have any negative comments about this magical place. I just got home from my boys and my tenth year of Memorial Day Magic at Enota Mountain retreat! Please see for your self! Unplug and grab a tent site by the many different creeks and you will LOVE IT!!!

Rob Sch

This place seems to have a bunch of spoiled city people leaving reviews or bad former workers complaining. It's beautiful, clean, and perfect place to get away from all of the unhappy co-workers which tire you out. I hiked, sat by rushing streams in peace, and just disconnected. So lucky I went and will again soon. Really nice maintenance guy helped me fix something and I met the person running the place - a beautiful soul.

R WIllis

I gave this a 1 star, if I could have given ZERO I would have. Gorgeous location that was dead as a doornail and no wonder considering it was poorly maintained and had horrible management. I booked this place because it had pretty creeks on site and we wanted to have a fishing activity but after check in we discovered you can’t fish onsite which is the stupidest thing and negates the one draw of the place. The owner nickel and dimes everyone to death, they want all of their money up front and have a zero refund policy. We paid an outrageous nightly fee of $55, no weekly discount, another “conservation” fee on top of that and NOT family friendly. Only allowed two children per site otherwise more charges, and although we only had one child we were charged $10 a day EXTRA because he was a high schooler over 15 and she considered him an adult who needed to pay a daily fee. What a bunch of BS! The bathrooms had no heat and half the light bulbs were out then halfway through a shower the rest of the lights go out because they are on a timer. Two days into our trip the showers and toilets were completely shut down (and never repaired), and the laundry facilities were never functioning; they were broken, rusted out and the most disgusting I have ever seen, after opening the door I would not even step into the room. The men’s bathroom had a literal one inch layer of mold in the soap dispenser bag. They bunkhouse for hikers had doors falling off and the insides were in shambles and overrun with critters. We talked to an older couple who had just checked into a cabin for two nights. The cabin was so dirty the wife had to clean everything before they unpacked and would not touch the tub. They were going to forfeit their money and leave. A tent camper (who is charged almost the same as an RV) came in late, no one at the office, poorly marked lots so they were wondering around on the dark and then they discovered the bathhouse was shut down and they couldn’t even use the toilets. No one had informed them of this but of course it didn’t matter because they do not give refunds! This place is a non-profit who gets tax breaks and grant money, hard to see how they are non-profit with all of the price gauging and they obviously are not putting any money into maintenance.

Campground Response

Gorgeous location, that is absolutely correct. YES, WE HAVE A GORGEOUS PROPERTY. Its not on our Christian lifestyle to fight fire with fire as this reviewer truly had a very mean intent. We will take the high road in replying to each and every situation they noted. This review is outrageous and we know most people will feel the same when they have the context we will now provide. First, the reviewer notes a “child” identified as 15; he was chain smoking on the property and had a full sleeve of tattoos. Its illegal for children to smoke. In fact, we found out he was 19 by one of the honest people in your traveling group. We are one of the few campgrounds open in our area during cold months because very few people want to camp in freezing winter temperatures which means if you expected as many guests as the July 4th weekend, you would be crazy. For this reason, most campgrounds in the area are closed but we remain open to care for our animals and to be of service to the Appalachian Trail hikers who need a respite. This winter, we had torrential rains and extensive flooding which means it is not possible to recover until the weather shifts. The laundry room at the bathhouse has a sign noting it is closed. Again, it’s off season so we do annual maintenance on equipment. The pictures of cabins were taken from off limit areas which means this person had to climb under, over, and squeeze between no trespass and under construction signs. We periodically shut down water during low temp days to avoid pipes freezing and bursting. You visited in an RV which means you did have fully functioning facilities. Finally, the soap dispenser did not have mold, it had bubbles of soap. All of these things will be pretty obvious to average people. We are a conservation facility where visitors can fish in our pond, which we stock with trout for children to fish in, and enjoy the experience which often times results in kids catching their first fish. We wouldn't be good stewards to people visiting downstream if we allowed thousands of guests to fish on our property because it would cause extensive erosion. It is only a 3-minute drive off of the property for world class fishing in the national forest. Our land is in a land trust and the conservation is a non-profit. Our refund policy is similar to other properties and fully posted-agreed to before a reservation is created which means either you ignored or choose not to read the details. We aren't a giant corporation that can absorb your poor planning because on busier times, it means others aren't able to get a reservation to enjoy our piece of paradise with incredible mountain views, fresh air, and rushing streams. We offered a credit when you realized others in your group were staying a couple days less. Additionally, we went above and above our typical policy by offering the half cash refund because we really wanted to please you as a guest. We provide a discount for 8 nights and the conservation fee allows people to become members our non-profit and it is tax deductible. You did save money by not having to pay sales & municipal taxes that private campsites charge. We source our wood similar to others and the wood is grouped in 5-piece packs like convenience stores. The difference many people tell us our pieces are is longer than those locations. We apologize for damp wood but our arid mountain climate can be challenging. In most cases, guests understand proper kindling will get it started after very little time. In closing, we went above and beyond in so many ways, including a refund. This customer was not rightfully due and we still received this type of outrageous review. If poorly managed means I got out of bed suffering from a kidney infection, after being screamed at on the phone because you didn’t like our policies, I guess I’m guilty as charged.

Julie Gilmour-Penzone

This is a beautiful area, but I’m sure that there are many campgrounds in the area that are as if not even more beautiful. The manager and owner of the campground are very aggressive and have a tendency to make the experience very unpleasant. Also the farm and none of the campground is organic, the owner is not a certified farm and did not even know what organic or non gmo was. Also the cabins have mold on the wood ceilings and wood work. I will definitely pass on this one for our next trip. Also please go to the Cherokee Heritagr website and the county assessors web page and you will learn that this land is not in trust nor was it even Cherokee land. This is a sham playing in Native American heritage and while living. Also there is no restaurant, the laundry room and bathroom/showers were closed down, the store was a joke, we went to buy milk and they sold us rice milk that we later learned had already been opened and was out of date. The place is very run down and not up kept for the cost. The site fee is also 55 a night and 5 extra for each pet per night.

Campground Response

Yes, its beautiful. The property trustee will stop you from abusing us. If you break our rules, you will not be able to enjoy this gorgeous nature experience on our 60 acre piece of paradise which contains huge waterfalls, beautiful mountain views, clean air, and rushing streams. The guests are not always right. These individuals let their dogs off leash, didn’t pick up after the dogs which other guests stepped in, were belligerent to staff, and stole wood. When you consider a nominal fee to have pets on the property vs the large expense leaving them home at a kennel without your family, the choice is yours. Their review is filled with lies as the non-profit property is held in trust, all of this region’s land dates back to Cherokee heritage, and we have 21 years of organic farming practices. These guests made comments about the cabins when they stayed on the best RV location on the property next to the streams; no guests were in the cabins during their time on the property. The land is in rest this year which is a requirement every 7 years. During the year of rest, it is covered in clover and it can’t be certified organic during that time. The guests tried to test us the next day on GMO’s, Genetically Modified Organisms, while highly intoxicated. When you come out of season, the property is winterized, please do not expect the same level of services in terms of the restaurant and items for sale in the lodge. We are in the North GA Mountains and we shut down water in the off season to avoid freezing pipes. While other properties completely shut down during the winter, we do not because we have animals to care for. We are rated by the Huffington Posts as one of the Top 9 properties in the United States and 80% of our reviews are spectacular. We are a very inclusive property with a focus on serving families and children to provide a true nature experience missing in today’s smartphone society. If you are kind and respect our property, we would love you to visit and while becoming part of our family. We are a rustic experience. However, if you are mean and need everything in nature to be perfect, please find other arrangements. While we can’t 100% prove it, we think this review was written by a competitor or fostered by a disgruntled former staff member. We wish everyone blessings.

monty butler

This is by far the worst campground. The sites are to close together, the facilities are old and run down, and no fish in the mud hole of a pond. If you come when they have a group in the large cabin, management will tell you that you can't use the activities room or the bathhouse under the large cabin because they are rented out. We had a three night reservation and left after one night. I can't see how this place gets such great reviews, there are two much nicer campgrounds just on the other side of the mountain.

Campground Response

Good Morning Monty - We are sorry about your experience as we had a very rough stretch of weather which meant it took longer to refresh the property equipment. As for the trout pond, all of the rain will change the color from it's normal crystal clear color. We are attaching a link to pictures which show a recent catch as well as just some of the people who have been fishing there. https://business.google.com/photos/l/10709235895373880524

Timothy J Graham

Peaceful, serene, restful! Very clean bathhouse, lodge, campsites (RV, tent etc). If nature and animals are your thing of enjoyment then don't hesitate. Their is a duck pond, fishing hole, small animals to pet, veggie gardens, streams, waterfalls, playgrounds. There is no phone service, small wifi, our camper is 32' and squeezed in with inches to spare but well worth the squeeze. Most RV sites have the stream behind them for music, wooden decks, firepits, FHU 30/50. Rates for all above are very good! You can volunteer in their gardens or sit and watch the water flow. Don't miss out, go now for the relaxation! - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Campground Response

Good Day Timothy - Thank you for the kind review. Did you see the baby horse which was recently born on the property. SO SWEET!. We have so many creeks on the property that the calm sound of rushing water will relax any guest wherever they are. We look forward to serving you again in the future.