Ameri-Can Trails RV Park

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310 N Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ, 85346

The American Trails RV Park is located in the cozy town of Quartzsite, Arizona. Campers can look forward to a beautiful and sprawling desert landscape, breathtaking sunsets and great stargazing. Onsite activities include: breakfasts and coffee, exercise classes, crafts, music and picnics, as well as group games and potlucks. Near the campground, campers can look forward to attractions like Hi Jolly Tomb, Celia's Garden, Grubstake, Gunny's RV Park and Military Museum, Quartzsite Wine Works, Joanne's Gum Gallery and the Quartzsite Museum. There's also the Quartzsite Mineral Club, Tyson Wells and Havasu Lake close to the park. There's plenty to do and see at this park, hope to see you soon!


Amenities include: big rig access, sewerage, water and 30/50 amp sites. 

Last Updated: 10/20/2021

RV Site

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Hook up 30 amps $30.00 $180.00 $375.00 See More

310 N Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ, 85346
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Shelley Holley

If you like snobby white busy bodies in your business talking to others then this place is for you. The cleaning lady tells everyone everything and complains constantly about her job. My thought then if you dont want to clean get another job. My guest and myself were at the pool . The manager told everyone in their swimming about a lady in the park hiding from domestic violence, very unethical . The manager and cleaning lady her friend are just plain rude. I had wonderful neighbors though. A 26 yr old relative came to help me get ready for cancer surgery and because he is under 55 per the rules he must go. He wasnt going to live here. I just needed help preparing for surgery. Then my thought is others are allow to live there under 55 then they should go . They bend that rule as they choose, that's discrimination. Take a picture of your electric meter they over charged me twice only I had a time stamp picture. The manager double books as well. They are the worse rv park I have ever stayed in. Someone actually call the manager to report a black lady using the laundry service. The lady is new staff and from India. They will tell all your business to your neighbors and if you dont fit into their click they will nit pick you till you leave. My friends stopped coming over to visit me because of their nit picking at them. Of coarse my friends aren't white. I'll be happy to leave here. My health had delayed me moving . I move to a wonderful park that welcome me back immediately. They are actually doing me a favor because these folks are miserable people and they wont give you the owners phone number to report the things going on there. Forgot to mention after they discriminate against you and run you off they wont refund any money paid. They owe me money after my electric said nope you left on your own. Its amazing how a business man so well off would prefer to keep 86 dollars than do the right thing. I was told by other parks the manager pockets money that's why she was fired from another park. Karmas a bitch. Do bad to others it will come back on them. Like my mom always says " every dog has its day" Ps ..forgot to mention " per the gossipy cleaning lady they just took a resident out with covid and have big rats.