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MAGA RV Park will be alerted immediately and will approve your reservation after checking availability.

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709 W. Main Street,, Quartzsite, AZ, 85346

MAGA RV Park was founded in Spring of 2021 shortly after the completely legitimate presidential election. The Founders of MAGA RV Park believe in the same values that made our country great and will ultimately make it great again. Family, Sovereignty, and Truth. While we want to ensure a great experience for everyone who stays at our park, our passion is for providing a community for patriots, conservatives and people who love America. Whether that is for one week or years to come, we are excited to serve those who love our nation.

Last Updated: 11/16/2021

Rv Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hookup RV Sites $35.00 $140.00 Choose Your Site
Partial Hookup RV Sites $35.00 $140.00 Choose Your Site

Self Contained

Please not RVs must be self contained. There are no restroom facilities.


Courteous and pleasant behavior is expected. We are striving to create a long-term community of freedom loving Americans; poor, selfish behavior is the antithesis of this goal. Excessive noise, unruly behavior, or intoxication that disturbs other guests will not be tolerated. Unlawful behavior and violence will also not be tolerated. Breaking these rules can lead to immediate termination of your stay.


NO soliciting or selling on the grounds without permission of Management. While we support small business and believe it is the backbone of healthy country, Quartzsite has abundant locations to market your goods and services. We encourage you to check them out and partake in the local economy!


NO soliciting or selling on the grounds without permission of Management. While we support small business and believe it is the backbone of healthy country, Quartzsite has abundant locations to market your goods and services. We encourage you to check them out and partake in the local economy!


Only use dumpsters for TIED, CLOSED, AND BAGGED GARBAGE! Large bulky items need to be taken to the local Waste Station Landfill.


NO washing, servicing, or repairing vehicles without permission of the Manager. While we admire the can-do competent nature of American Patriots, these projects are often an eye sore and can quickly become unwieldy.

Quiet Hours

NO generators, loud noises, or music during quiet hours of 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. While we encourage our patrons to network and have a good time, we prioritize being respectful of sleeping young ones and are hardworking patrons who are early to bed and early to rise

Site Appearance

The property is not for personal storage beyond the confines of what is orderly maintained in tenants allotted unit. Obey park signage while on premise. Do not dig or spike holes into the ground without permission. We want to avoid damaging pipes and electrical lines. Seasonal tenants may construct structures upon approval from park management. Any enhancements, amendments or additions to the site must be temporary unless otherwise approved by management. Sites should be maintained and kept appealing for neighbors and fellow residents. We admire the beauty of this great nation, and we expect that our patriots express this in their own way. We believe if we are going to make America great again, it starts with cleaning up after yourself.




You are responsible for your visitors. All visitors must check in. DO NOT give internet passwords to visitors or other guests.

Pet Policy

Pets must be on a leash when outside of the RV. Tenants are expected to pick up after pet. No aggressive animals allowed. We expect our tenants to hold themselves as well as their pets to this standard.

Electrical Use

Electric will be charged at current market rates as listed on the rates page of the website. Electric is included for daily and weekly rates and will be charged separately for patrons staying any longer than a week


Please use our community fire ring for fires at the park. If it is already in use, we encourage our tenants to share and get to know one another! Otherwise please follow first come first serve. Burn only wood, not garbage.

Speed Limit

6 MPH throughout campground for dust control.

RV Requirements

Tent camping is not permitted. Any RV that is 15 yrs or older must be approved by management prior to being placed on park property. Current registrations are required on all vehicles.

Pets Allowed

Fire Ring / Grill

Pet Friendly


50 Amps

Picnic Table

30 Amps

709 W. Main Street,, Quartzsite, AZ, 85346
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Activities & Adventures

The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show: Literally the largest gathering of RV'ers in the World. This event happens every January!

Desert Gardens Rock, Gem & Mineral Show: 2,000 vendors of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and everything else imaginable create one of the world’s largest open air flea markets in Quartzsite.

Dripping Springs: Dripping Springs is a 18.4 mile point-to-point trail located near Quartzsite, Arizona that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for nature trips and off road driving.

The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) is said to be the largest gathering of nomads in the world.

Tysons Wash - Grinding Holes and Petroglyphs - AZ

Grinding Holes & Petroglyphs: On the East side of Tyson Wash a short distance south of Quartzsite, you can see Indian grinding holes and some faint petroglyphs.

Palm Canyon: This is the only Canyon in Arizona where you can find a canyon of Palm Trees. The palms are a short walk from the parking area at the base of the mountains.

Quartzsite Rock Alignment & Intaglios: It is the Fisherman Intaglio, the outline of a fisherman drawn on the desert floor by ancient Indians. Both the Rock Alignment and Fisherman Intaglio are a short walk from the asphalt road.

Kartchner Caverns State Park: Located in the limestone hills at the eastern base of the Whetstone Mountains, two brothers founded the Caverns in secret only later to be used as a popular attraction for tourists.

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