Easily Book Campgrounds and RV Parks in Gays-mills, Wisconsin

About Gays-mills

RV parks in Gays Mills, Wisconsin and the areas nearby are among the most popular in the state, and for good reason. This quaint small town is alive with folks who love its charm and vibrant nearby natural spaces, making it one of the primary camping destinations in this corner of the state. The Driftless and Hidden Valleys areas of the region is also popular for its close proximity to major cities, like Madison and La Crosse, both of which can be reached in about an hour.

The two main draws here are the apple orchards and Kickapoo River region, which is a bastion of outdoor activity year-round, but especially in the summer. When the snow melts and the leaves turn bright green in Spring, Gays Mills comes to life. You can find locals and visitors kayaking, boating, or paddling. There are tons of prime fishing spots, and even hunting, too.

Wisconsin is not a very mountainous state, but the Driftless and Hidden Valleys areas are a network of hills and river valleys with dramatic overlooks. There are lots of RV sites near Kickapoo and collectively they represent a diverse selection of RV resorts for every kind of camper. There are plenty of areas for primitive camping as well.

Be sure to spend some time in the town of Gays Mills and visit Log Cabin Heritage Park for a bit of local history from the days of the earliest settlers. Here you will explore different types of log and earthen homes. Once you’ve had your fill of history, there are recreational activities nearby as well, so you can easily make an entire day of it.

There’s plenty to see and do around southwestern Wisconsin, and the Gays Mills area is just one town at the heart of it all.

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