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About Bremerton

Bremerton RV parks and campgrounds are spread across the Kitsap Peninsula and are located in nearby spots like Silverdale and Gorst. The area is a popular choice for folks who want to be close to urban Seattle, as well as the the natural tranquility of the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound. Downtown Seattle is a short ferry ride away, and the moss drenched old growth forests are close to the area’s RV campgrounds.

Bremerton is very much a Navy town. The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Naval Base Kitsap in Bangor represent two of the main installments here. The land that these designations occupy is stunningly beautiful. For more on that, head over to the Puget Sound Navy Museum, near the Washington State Ferries, for an in-depth look at the history surrounding the area’s role of the armed forces.

The Kitsap Peninsula in general is a great place to take someone who (for whatever reason) says that they don’t like museums. One of the museums here is on a navy destroyer and another features all the ins and outs of submarines. Motor over to the USS Turner Joy, a Sherman-class destroyer that served the Pacific for many years, and is now a museum that you can tour. The United States Naval Undersea Museum has the lowdown on submarine warfare and features a number of exhibits related to the general science involved in naval combat. Learn how submarines, torpedoes, and landmines work, and how our national security relies on ocean physics and geography.

Even if you never visited any of the Naval Museums or designations during your visit to the Kitsap Peninsula, the area provides some of the best camping in Washington, by virtue of its natural beauty and proximity to so many other points of interest.

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