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There are many RV parks in Crockett, TX for folks looking for a bit of history with their nature, or a bit of nature with their history. Houston County is the oldest county in Texas, and the town of Crockett is the fifth-oldest in the Lone Star State.

Mission Tejas State Park is located in Houston County, northeast of Crockett. The state park is the site of Texas’ first Spanish Mission. The park offers camping, picnicking, trails, and waterways to explore. The Mission Tejas State Park hike and bike trails provides access to the natural beauty of the East Texas Pineywoods, a favorite ecoregion popular among those looking to escape the oppressive summertime sunshine of Texas. A pond is located near the picnic area, offering an excellent opportunity to explore aquatic life, and they’re plenty of room to go fishing.

If you’ve got a history buff in your party, be sure to visit the Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, located west of Nacogdoches. The Caddo Indians dominated life in the region for about 500 years, attracting local native groups into trade and sophisticated ceremonial/political systems. The culture, in turn, had trade connections, political and religious ties with similar cultures further east in the Mississippi Valley and beyond. (Today, most current members of the Caddo Tribe live in Western Oklahoma, primarily near the Caddo Nation Headquarters outside of Binger, Oklahoma.)

The historic Downes-Aldrich house in Crockett, Texas is considered to be on of the most beautiful homes in Houston County. Similarly, the Monroe-Crook house is a registered historic Texas landmark and is included in the National Registry of Historic Places. This residence was built in 1854 by Armistead Thompson Monroe who was the great nephew of the United States President James Monroe. There were many owners that resided in the home until 1969, and it later became a museum in 1974 after many donations and federal grant that was provided for the restoration of the home.

The Houston County Visitor Center and Museum recaptures that bygone era with tools and an old cotton gin on an adjacent property. The museum has a collection of items ranging from oxbows to railroad items from past generations of technology.

If you’re towing a boat, Houston County Lake is located 10 miles northwest of Crockett, Texas covering 1,330 acres of land. It is a great lake for recreational boating, fishing and swimming.

Updated November 7, 2016