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About Hornsby

Hornsby Tennessee RV parks are available just outside of town and there are several RV campgrounds sprinkled around the areas just south of Jackson and just north of the border with Mississippi. The area is characterized by thick forests and dozens of small lakes and streams, making it ideal for folks looking to connect with the wilderness of southwestern Tennessee.

Further south across the Mississippi border is Holly Springs National Forest, where the bottomland hardwood swamps provide a surreal kayak and canoeing experience as you drift through a flooded forest, trees jutting out of the water forming a dense canopy above.

Big Hill Pond State Park is over 5,000 acres with a large lake for swimming, fishing, and paddle boating, and has some areas reachable only by four-wheel-drive vehicle. To the north, the Pinson Mounds State Park and Chickasaw State Park offer a higher and dryer experience than the parks and areas to the south.

No matter what your interests are or how much time you get to spend camping in the area, the Hornsby RV parks have something for everyone. And the surrounding wilderness continues to enchant folks who make the trek here year after year.

Updated 10/14/2016

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