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Rodeo, New Mexico Campgrounds and RV Parks

The RV parks in Rodeo, New Mexico are both in town and scattered around the outskirts, with plenty clustered to the west in the mountains of southeastern Arizona. Only 30 miles south of Interstate 10, the Rodeo RV resorts and campgrounds offer remote adventure by day and deeply dark skies at night ideal for stargazing. Today, Rodeo celebrates native cultures at the Chiricahua Art Museum, and the Chiricahua Desert Museum offers an in-depth and well-rounded venue for truly understanding this remote and stunning landscape. If you’re trying to decide what to do around Rodeo, NM, head on out to Fort Bowie where US soldiers who were lost here in conflicts with Native Americans are memorialized. Come face to face with the harsh realities involved with taming the west and the role Manifest Destiny played in westward expansion. The nearby Chiricahua National Monument has more than 11,000 acres of odd rock formations visible from miles of trails running through diverse desert scrubland.

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