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About Houma

Houma RV parks and campgrounds (and Thibodaux RV parks and campgrounds, for that matter) are sprinkled all around the metro area, both inside and on the outskirts of town, with several clustered around Gibson and even more on either side of the Mississippi River. This is the swampland. This is the bayou. And this is Cajun country through and through. If you’re passionate about Acadian, Creole, and Cajun culture, you will not find a better region of the United States in which to set up camp.

The Houma-Thibodaux metro area has to compete with the luxury resorts and RV parks near Baton Rouge and Eunice, and to an extent it even has to compete with destinations as far away as Lake Charles and Toledo Bend, which are longstanding destinations for RVers.

But your curiosity and sense of adventure will be your reward when you set up camp outside the sprawling urban areas of Southern Louisiana. Destinations like Port Fourchon and Grand Isle State Park are an easy drive from Houma and Thibodeaux down Route 1, where the road ends, the Mississippi River ends, and the many thousands of islands give way to the wide open Gulf of Mexico.

Just outside Houma is the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge, which can only be explored by boat. But those with the gumption to venture into the swampland are rewarded with the opportunity for encounters with endangered species thriving among dramatic trees and mangroves rising from the warm gulf waters. Other popular spots nearby include Timken and Salvador Wildlife Management Areas, and Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.

If you’re looking to keep busy from morning to night, Houma is home to the Carillon Tower, Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum, and the Southdown Plantation. Thibodaux has the Bayou County Children’s Museum, which focuses on Cajun culture with interactive and engaging exhibits.