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About Chicago

While Chicago RV parks within city limits are few, there are plenty of diverse locations just outside the city — mostly to the south and west. From there, it’s a short ride into the heart of a city known for its deep dish pizza, comedy, and epic skyscrapers.

Blackwell Forest Preserve is a calm and serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, with rolling green hills and clean lakes and streams. Just a short drive from the city, this area is rife with opportunity for the outdoor enthusiasts. It offers more than 6 miles of trails for hiking and biking and excellent fishing in the 60-acre Silver Lake. Blackwell Forest Preserve activities also include archery and boat rentals in the summer and sledding and tubing in the winter.

South of Blackwell Forest Preserve is the town of Naperville, known for Centennial Beach and Riverwalk Park. Centennial Beach is a calm, wave-free environment. The water becomes gradually deeper as you ventures further out though, so this beach is ideal for swimmers and deep diving fun. There is an area designated for lane swimming beyond the shallows, and even further out is the deep water section of the park which has multiple diving boards and rafts for sunbathing in the water!

Naperville’s Riverwalk Park is a bastion of large sculptures and diverse tree species. Riverwalk Park also serves as a public events space for the city of Naperville, so you can usually find live concerts, events, or other festivities going on throughout the summer.

Burnidge Forest Preserve and the surrounding area has plenty of RV parks, but that doesn’t mean the area is crowded like Chicago. Burnidge Forest Preserve is home to a variety of birds and animals, and offers a more pastoral and serene experience for RVers, while being only a short drive from Chicago.

Another destination for RV parks near Chicago is Starved Rock Nature Preserve and State Park. There is nearby camping and RV infrastructure for those interested in visiting the Wildcat Canyon, Pontiac Canyon, and countless other overlooks and waterfalls in the area.

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