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boise, ID

The Boise National Forest is home to over 70 campgrounds, most of which are open to RVs and trailers. Amenities offered vary from park to park, but they generally include large common areas and clean laundry and shower facilities.

The southwest region of Idaho where Boise is based is home to plenty of Northwest Rockies snowy peaks, perfect for all forms of winter sports. Or, should you visit during the summer, the Boise area has several great golf courses, including Warm Springs, Shadow Valley, and Jug Mountain Range.

The Lucky Peak State Park is just a ten minute drive east from Boise. During the summer, Sandy Point, located at the base of The Lucky Peak Dam, is the perfect spot for swimming, fishing, picnicking, and kayaking. As Idaho has a four-season climate, the specific options available will depend on the time of year you visit.

The the west of Boise, you’ll find the 545-acre Eagle Island State Park. It is bordered on both sides by the Boise River and offers similar amenities to Lucky Peak, as well as horseback riding and zip lines. In addition, it features one of the state’s first “quick jumps,” a parachute simulated leap off a 60-feet tall tower.

If you plan on taking a break from camping to visit downtown Boise, be sure to visit the famous Fork Restaurant. It’s known for its locally sourced farm-to-table dishes. Within the city-limits of Boise you’ll also find an excellent riverside park known as the Greenbelt. While walking along a stretch of its 25-mile path, you might forget you are located in the heart of the city. It serves as a habitat for ample wildlife.

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