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Often referred to as the Classic South region of the state, this corner of Georgia has endless oThe RV parks in Washington, Georgia are spread around town, mostly along one of the many roads that converge in Washington. Some of the best-loved RV parks in Georgia are around this part of the state, where the sandy hills lead to the Savannah River and on out to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s mostly warm year-round and there are countless venues for hunting, fishing, horse trail riding, and miscellaneous adventure.

The Robert Toombs House Historic Site is a history buff’s dream. Robert Toombs was a senator who advocated secession in 1860, and played a number of key roles for the Confederacy during the Civil War. The town of Washington itself was important during the Civil War, as Jefferson Davis and several from his cabinet met here for the final time before retreating in defeat. There is a rumor that, with this being the last known location where the Confederacy met, there could be a cache of gold hidden somewhere around Washington. If you’ve got one, maybe bring your metal detector on a trail hike. Some estimate the value of the gold to be around a million dollars in today’s money.

pportunities for you and your family to get outdoors and have some fun. There’s an RV park near Fishing Creek Public Hunting Area, and RV campgrounds near many of the nearby state parks. Check out Mistletoe State Park, Elijah Clark State Park, or A.H. Stephens State Park.

Regardless of what you aim to achieve during your time in northeastern Georgia, the Washington area offers plenty for folks of every interest, and the area’s RV parks and campgrounds are among some of the best around. Be sure to make a reservation before hitching up and heading out!

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