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RV parks in Douglas, Georgia are available both within the city center as well as just outside around General Coffee State Park and just south of the city as well. Some of the best RV parks in Georgia can be found in this southeast corner of the state, and the RV resorts in the area draw campers year-round to the warm weather and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. This land is defined by hundreds of lakes and ponds that compound at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge where patches of water around the land turn to patches of land around the water in this massive swampland.

With such as the case, much of what draws folks to the area is related to hunting, fishing, and OHV, ATV, off-roading, mudding, and motorbike racing. Those who enjoy that scene will also get a kick out of the Douglas Motorsports Park which features a drag strip. For a more relaxing time, make your way to General Coffee State Park, which offers more than fifteen hundred acres of cypress swampland crossed with horseback riding trails and camping spots. The park also has old fashioned farm infrastructure and equipment and a chance for folks to interact with animals.

If you’re looking for fun around Douglas, make your way to the Broxton Rocks Preserve, which has exotic plants both native and foreign to the region. Or make your way to the Heritage Station Museum for a bit of local railroad industry history. The WWII Flight Training Museum is also a popular spot for folks interested in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the important role Douglas played in the conflessed with a quaint downtown core with old statues and intriguing architecture and several antique shops to peruse.lict against the Axis powers and the Allied air supremacy that ultimately led to victory. Douglas is b