Waters Edge RV Resort (55+ park)

6800 Golf Course Boulevard, Punta Gorda, FL, 33982

Waters Edge RV Resort (55+ park) is an RV park located on 6800 Golf Course Boulevard in Punta Gorda, FL. The site includes .

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

RV Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hookup Site 30 Amp $36.00 $211.00
Full Hookup Site 50 Amp $36.00 $211.00
Partial Hookup Site 30 Amp $41.00 $247.00
Partial Hookup Site 50 Amp $41.00 $247.00

General Policies

1. Clotheslines are not allowed. The exception to this is a collapsible clothes rack/line inconspicuously placed on your site. 2. No permanent structure of any type is allowed to be added to your site. Please see the front desk regarding screen rooms, decks driveways, etc., for approval by the management. Design plans must be submitted prior to any construction. 3. Picnic tables will be provided by the Park for renter’s sites. Shareholders may provide their own or purchase one available from the park. 4. Signs – A “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign may be placed on your site provided it does not interfere with yard maintenance work. Signs shall be no greater in size than 15” x 10”. A listing of a site or RV for sale or for rent shall also be placed in the office. 5. In order to dispose of any large personal items, i.e., air conditioners, appliances, tires, etc., on Water’s Edge grounds, written permission from the Park Director is required. 6. Ground fires are not permitted. Open fires on the resident’s site may be built in barbecue grills, portable fire pits or fixed pits which have been approved with site improvements request. 7. Garbage (trash) will be picked up as specified on published flyers. On days of pickup, trash bags must be next to street by 9:30 am. TRASH MAY NOT BE LEFT OUT OVERNIGHT. 8. If your site will not be occupied for any 14 day period or more during a calendar year you must notify the Park prior to leaving and request a property inspection done by Park personnel to assure that any unsecured items have been properly stored and any items which may interfere with grounds maintenance have been removed. If the Park does not receive a notification of departure and request for inspection, the Shareholder/Renter will be fined $100 due immediately upon notification. If park personnel are required to secure any item or items or remove any improperly stored item or items from the site, the shareholder/renter will be required to pay for this service at the rate of $100 per hour with a minimum charge of $250. In the event on nonpayment of fines and charges, “Article XI, Compliance and Default”, of the Bylaws of Water’s Edge Cooperative, Inc. shall apply for recovery. The Park assumes no responsibility for any item or items that it removes as a result of this action. 9. THERE IS NO ACCESS TO THE TOOL SHED AND TRASH DISPOSAL AREA. Access to the compound is for personal visits only. All park equipment checked in/out must be returned within 48 hours, unless additional arrangements are made with the Park. 10. Management reserves the right to evict anyone from the campground for detrimental conduct or failure to observe the Park rules and regulations. 11. Anyone wishing to plan an event that includes use of the Rec hall or gazebo must bring a request to the Social committee for available calendar dates. 12. Swimming pool/Jacuzzi spa hours are 9:00 AM to dusk daily. Shareholder will notify Management to request a pool/Jacuzzi spa hours extension on a certain date. Shareholder will close and lock pool/Jacuzzi spa. Shareholder will lose privilege if not closed properly. Children under the age of twelve (12) years must be accompanied by an adult. No street clothes, cutoffs or t-shirts are allowed in the pool or spa. No glass products in the pool area. Smoking is not perm 13. A $25.00 late fee will be applied to each monthly bill where payment is in arrears. 14. Shareholders with e-mail addresses that have been provided to the office will consent to receive any notices, statements, election information, etc, directly pertaining to Water’s Edge Cooperative Inc. that can be sent via e-mail.

6800 Golf Course Boulevard, Punta Gorda, FL, 33982
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